Health Risk of Soda and Coke that you don't know about: Phosphorus

So let me start this out by saying that Phosphorus is an essential mineral for health and is super important for many things including bone health and even lungs and mucus membranes and is an electrolyte.

Food grade phosphoric acid is actually a very bioavailable source of Phosphorus.  Most phosphorus in natural foods is very hard to absorb, and it turns out that is for a very important reason.

The problem is that phosphorus can be bad and support the growth of Cancer causing bacteria called Pasteurella.  This bacteria is implicated in cat bites and other animal bites and scratches.  This bacteria can literally ruin your life causing Chronic fatigue, cancer, kidney problems, back problems and much more.

So if you drink soda make sure you are getting plenty of potassium to support kidney health.  Also you will want to be eating raw onions and garlic powder or raw garlic to help you counter the bacterial overgrowth the phosphorus causes.  And of course if you have cancer, stay away from soda like the plague.  Also some electrolytes like Emergen-c Hydration+ have phosphorus as well so be careful.

Stay safe out there.  NatureHacker.