When Blowing your Nose can be deadly: New Fauci Flu causes Labyrinthitis

It appears I was right and that Monkeypox is just a media diversion for the Flu that has been released and is ravaging the world right now.

This flu seems to have symptoms of improper body temp regulation (feel hot or cold or both), inner ear issues including the feeling of needing to pop your ears, throat issues, nausea, etc.  As for any flu the best treatment is activated charcoal to eliminate the bacteria in the gut that harbor the virus.  However head symptoms can persist.

So I've had this for the last week or so and waking up today I blew my nose and immediatly almost passed out.  I immediatly realized this is the goal.  I am not vaczed but if I were combine that dizzyness with blood clots in the brain and I would have been a goner.  The best thing to prevent blood clots is full spectrum garlic capsules.

I have never felt this before and immediatly I felt air in my inner ear move and stabilize a bit and I regained my sense of balance.  Again if I was elderly or had the clot shot, I would not have been so lucky.

Here is some info about this condition:

"While recovering from labyrinthitis, a person should rest and avoid any sudden movements of the head. As this condition can significantly affect a person’s balance and coordination, it is also essential to avoid driving and operating potentially dangerous machinery." https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323606#recovery

It all makes sense, if you were a genocidalist and wanted as many to die from the clot shot as possible you would gain-of-function a flu virus (that has not been sprayed in the last few years to make peoples immunity to flu wane) to cause Labyrinthitis to cause more people to fall, and more to die.

Stay safe out there under the chem skies.

archive: https://archive.ph/M70yn

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