Things I have recommended that have hurt and killed people I care about

I have to make this post so I myself can remember and contemplate so I NEVER make these mistakes again.  Also maybe you can learn prudence from my mistakes. I'm a hacker, not a doctor.  And it is really sad that the hackers among us have to take up medicine since the current system we have is so much more dangerous than any hacker recommendation can be.  I haven't been to a doctor, dentist, or anything else in over 9 years now and I will never go back because since Obamacare all your medical records are open and stored by the government.  We are all medical experimentation guinea pigs to the 3 letter organizations in the Executive branch.

So I will list the 3 things I have used, made, given, and recommended that have hurt or killed people and we can learn about each.  One of these (phosphorus) I recommended to someone you have probably heard about in the news and could have contributed to his death.

1. Iron.  This is the most blatant mistake I made.  I had no intention of giving this to someone who had cancer.  I made up a blend of herbs and activated charcoal for the person for their cancer but they wanted an iron supplement since they had to have transfusions because of chemo.  Well I made up a potent Iron Phosphate solution that they added to water. They died primarily of atrial fibrillation that was blamed on the Chemotherapy, which probably mostly did kill her, but I know the iron contributed to the atrial fibrillation.  My mistake on this one is I should never give someone something just because they ask for it, only recommend what I myself believe is the best course.

2. Phosphorus.  Phosphorus (phosphate) containing electrolyte emergen-c hydration+ was recommended to someone who had a deep chronic cough probably after Covid.  I myself had used this electrolyte to great effect helping clear the lungs.  However unknown to me phosphorus is a limiting mineral for cancer, so if someone has hidden malignancies and you give them phosphorus, it can lead to the cancer growing.  Again it was the surgery that killed the person, but the growth of previous unknown tumors very well could have been contributed to by the phosphorus.  I knew something about the Energized Health protocol could have been dangerous after the owner talked about someone who may or may not have used the protocol suddenly died.  I just didn't do the due diligence before recommending this.  My biggest mistake in this one is that phosphorus is known to be limited in the diet due to phytates and it is known to be potentially dangerous to supplement (same with iron) and I didn't take this as a sign that this mineral might pose significant risks.  I thought the limited phosphorus in our diet was a conspiracy that was being covered up, so my overly conspiratorial thinking and initial positive effect on myself is what led me to this mistake.

3. Liposomal Nano Hydroxyapatite.  Basically the remineralizing ingredient in TEEF powder.  The main problem here is when I used Sunflower Lecithin to make the hydroxyapatite liposomes.  Within a few weeks it was removed and replaced with ginseng extract which was much less potentially dangerous but still might have contributed to teeth problems in some of the users.  I think the lecithin caused the hydroxyapatite to clog the natural teeth pores leading to teeth breaking.  I am not sure exactly what the problem was, it could have been the exacerbation of anaerobic gas producing bacteria combined with the occluded teeth pores that led to the breakage of mine and at least one customers teeth.  I think the ginseng reduced this propensity 100x over the lecithin, but still over time I got more breakage and same with another customer.  Now TEEF will have no remineralizing ingredient besides the tricalcium phosphate base, and this will not be liposomal in any way.  The mistake here was using scientifically tested ingredients, but in a way where I introduced more advanced technology that I couldn't know for sure how it would react to infinitely complex biology.  Also I think the customers worst effected were leaving it on their teeth since I claimed remineralization they thought the longer it was on the teeth the better, which I had never recommended but its Murphy's law when you make a product.

I wish I could just have had the latitude to learn everything about biology before recommending or using anything, but that is basically impossible in this imperfect world where people need help now.  The current "medicines" and procedures used by modern medicine are 1000x more deadly but still "do no harm" is something I take deadly seriously and I had made mistakes that made me loose sight of this on the day to day.  In the future in my designs I have to use only tried and true things that are known for millennia to not cause harm when used the way they are.  No advanced technology in biology is safe unfortunately, and I had to learn that the hard way.  GRAS only and only in amounts and forms known to cause no harm whatsoever.

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