Roe v Wade repeal Staged? Deep state following 2020 blueprint for tyranny

Hmm a potential pandemic (monkeypox or PridePox, whatever they will call it) coupled with a trigger for social unrest (R v W overturned) and it looks like we are back in 2020 with the, at the time, potential Covid-19 pandemic and the likely faked death of George Floyd social unrest trigger.  They are following their supposedly successful script to bring in tyranny unopposed.

I guess the motivation is to distract people from the gain of function research being done to manipulate the pridepox virus, by doing a prolonged media blitz of social unrest.  Social unrest is the perfect way to divide the nation and get them in-fighting instead of stopping the creation of the next plandemic.  Also they will use the soros funded groups to spread the engineered virus amongst themselves and their communities and harvest the DNA (using "tests") for progressing the gain of function process.  Then boom the CDC and WHO will declare a global pandemic and then the news stations will be flooded with only that story and everyone will magically forget about abortion just like they forgot about police brutality.  They will then expand the court and overturn any positive supreme court rulings that Thomas accomplishes, including reinstating R v W.  So don't get too exuberant about this ruling.

Also this and other future rulings by Thomas will be used as a pretext to blame Christians, demonize Christians and get the population to persecute us.  This is a tribulation (2024-2031) after all...

What does this mean?  Stay safe but don't be distracted, pay close attention to the usual crew of fauci, gates, the fda, cdc, and others and expose their antics to stop the gain of function progressing.


Gain of function in progress:





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