New Variant Omicron XE in fruits?: How I predicted it and how to beat it

As all the big names were believing Bill Gates and Fauci that Omicron was a "vaccine" and that the new virus will be smallpox or hemmoragic fever, I stuck to my guns that the new variant would be a hybrid between delta and omicron, I predicted "deadly as delta transmissible as omicron".  





I was dead right.  Right now the strain is called by fauci omicron XE and here is what the scientific community has to say on wikipedia:

"A laboratory study on hamsters and mice in Japan published as a non-peer-reviewed preprint in mid-February 2022 suggested that BA.2, is not only more transmissible than BA.1, but may cause more severe disease.  Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies used to treat people infected with COVID did not have much effect on BA.2, which was "almost completely resistant" to casirivimab and imdevimab, and 35 times more resistant to sotrovimab than the original B.1.1 virus. The researchers proposed that BA.2 should be recognised as a unique variant of concern, which would be given its own Greek letter."

Remember that I predicted Flurona before anyone else in 8/2021 and I predicted "deadly as delta transmissible as omicron" in January 2022 while everyone else was talking about ebola and smallpox.  Its not that I am smarter or better than those with wrong predictions, its that Fauci used to be my boss and I have been reverse engineering what he does.

How it spreads

Spread in the water according to mike adams, I was infected by eating a seemingly healthy cantalope raw from Guatemala brand Sol. It was imported to america and was heavily infected with covid, I felt the virus symptoms while I was eating it! Cooking the remainder killed the virus/bacteria mileau.

Deadly like delta and transmissible as omicron. It infects the lungs unlike omicron. Lungs and nasal passages.

How to treat it

Firstly always start with activated charcoal to make sure it doesn't infect the gut bacteria which produces fever.  Here is the rest of the protocol:

Packet Emergen-c hydration+

200mg coq10 

50mg zinc 

100mcg selenium 

1000iu vitamin e 

10,000iu vitamin d

25,000iu retinol

100mg riboflavin 

Gynostemma extract along with tribulis extract (any steroidal saponin and any triterpenoid saponin, these are just examples)

1000mcg b12

Garlic powder capsules 

Echinacea root capsules 

Essential oils of cinnamon,  lavender, thyme, and eucalyptus should be vaporized.  Eucalyptus is the one that stops the feeling that you can't breathe 

Also get plenty of rest and sleep and fluids 


The elite very likely use anti-venom from king cobra or another snake https://www.brighteon.com/dc8f6219-379f-478a-91d8-8e0beb55312e

Because they added snake venom sequences in the virus so the antidote would be anti-venom which will target the covid.  This is why they don't want to release new viruses because they only have an antidote to covid for now.  I have no idea nor would I reccomend using anti-venom and who knows God might use that to judge them as well as ivermectin so I would stay away from that as well.  I tend to want to stay away from what the elites are using.  Ivermectin and anti-venom are the secrets they tell the 33rd degree masons.

And please remember we must stop these gene therapy vaccines for children 2 or younger, their cells are completely transfectible so they will have permanent side effects and much worse outcomes than anyone over 2 years old.  Also reverse transcriptase is more active in all child ages so making permanent side effects greatly enhanced as well.


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