It IS in the water, smoking guns "toilet to tap"

Firstly as a disclaimer I believe in viruses and I think covid is a virus.  I worked 5 years in Molecular Biology for the NIH, was acknowledged on 5 papers and we worked with viruses in the lab.  It is clear that there are snake venom sequences (codons) in the virus' code.  This means that there are snake venom peptides in the virus and I believe they are mostly in the spike protein but that should be verified. If so then the snake venom sequences are in the vaccine mRNA/DNA code making peoples bodies produce snake venom peptides from within.  Two reasons this can be done, firstly to make Covid-19 worse by hitting targets in the body with snake venom pieces, and also because if the elite have cobra or krait antivenin it will be their antidote to the virus because snake anti venom will attach to covid or the spike protein and neutralize it.  The elite built-in an antidote to the virus they created.

Now I am going to give you the smoking gun articles about covid virus in the tap water then I will get into details about what I think is happening here:

Toilet to tap 




Viruses can and do survive wastewater treatment


Chlorine is relatively ineffective at killing viruses


It takes 30 minutes of high chlorination to inactivate viruses


NYC wastewater treatment uses only 15-20 minutes of chlorination (not enough to inactivate viruses)


Los Angeles doesn't even have a wastewater disinfection (tertiary) process


Virus survival in reclaimed water (post wastewater treatment) is low when the water is constantly above 68f so warmer climates will have less spread


Enveloped viruses are in wastewater including coronavirus, influenza  and ebola and others


Coronavirus is much more abundant in peoples feces than in the nose and infectious in feces for longer (which is the reason why china uses anal swabs and also why activated charcoal [which binds the virus in the gut] works to halt the virus)


So we know covid is in wastewater, the CDC itself is monitoring our wastewater because they said if they find high levels in wastewater it predicts an outbreak several days later.  Well here we will uncover the mechanism of WHY this happens.

Firstly as an overview I believe there are a couple ways they use to spread covid depending on the location.  In hot places where the wastewater is above 68f for most of the year, they spray it in chemtrails as I have come down with symptoms of the virus after heavy spraying days.  68f wastewater inactivates covid pretty quickly so in hot places the wastewater method to spread covid doesn't work.

But the other exposures I've had could be linked to wastewater.  When I lived in Los Angeles at the beginning of the pandemic right after Trump said a deadly week was coming, during a rain storm with my windows open I came down with symptoms of the virus.  LA dumps its covid infected wastewater in santa monica bay.  From there the storm could have vaporized water from the bay and it came inland with the storm infecting people.  Trump could have known a covid wave was coming because he was being briefed by the CDC and that they were finding high levels in the wastewater.

The next exposure was from a whole guatemalan cantalope I ate just recently.  It is pretty clear to me the most likely way this fruit was infected was that it was grown using wastewater in guatemala.

So wastewater plays a huge role in Covid but this by definition means it is also in regular tap water.  I have known this a long time because a wastewater treatment company came to talk to my class of engineers in 2013 or 2014 and I asked them after if the wastewater was going into the tap.  They seemed to acknowledge that at least at low levels (say 5-50%) it was being returned to the tap.  Even when this isn't explicitly being done, treated wastewater is being pumped into the groundwater to dispose of it but at the same time the city pumps the water back up from groundwater directly into the city tap water.  So pumping wastewater into the groundwater is contaminating the groundwater that is used for the tap, if that makes sense.  It is sort of like a wastewater laundering operation.


As you can see in the below picture, nearly everywhere in the US has groundwater below 68f so the virus would last a long time in the groundwater.


As the articles linked at the top show, wastewater is being returned to the tap in America.  It is also shown that current wastewater treatment methodologies are insufficient to remove viruses from the water during treatment.  It would take at least 30 mins of high clorination and cities are only doing 15-20 minutes, and many are doing 0 minutes.  

So it is very clear that tap water contains treated wastewater and the viruses from the wastewater are not sufficiently removed before being returned to your tap.

Ozonation, reverse osmosis, and distillation are great ways to remove it from the water.  Also other ways mentioned below:



 archive of this post: https://archive.ph/kFpIF


New Variant Omicron XE in fruits?: How I predicted it and how to beat it

As all the big names were believing Bill Gates and Fauci that Omicron was a "vaccine" and that the new virus will be smallpox or hemmoragic fever, I stuck to my guns that the new variant would be a hybrid between delta and omicron, I predicted "deadly as delta transmissible as omicron".  





I was dead right.  Right now the strain is called by fauci omicron XE and here is what the scientific community has to say on wikipedia:

"A laboratory study on hamsters and mice in Japan published as a non-peer-reviewed preprint in mid-February 2022 suggested that BA.2, is not only more transmissible than BA.1, but may cause more severe disease.  Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies used to treat people infected with COVID did not have much effect on BA.2, which was "almost completely resistant" to casirivimab and imdevimab, and 35 times more resistant to sotrovimab than the original B.1.1 virus. The researchers proposed that BA.2 should be recognised as a unique variant of concern, which would be given its own Greek letter."

Remember that I predicted Flurona before anyone else in 8/2021 and I predicted "deadly as delta transmissible as omicron" in January 2022 while everyone else was talking about ebola and smallpox.  Its not that I am smarter or better than those with wrong predictions, its that Fauci used to be my boss and I have been reverse engineering what he does.

How it spreads

Spread in the water according to mike adams, I was infected by eating a seemingly healthy cantalope raw from Guatemala brand Sol. It was imported to america and was heavily infected with covid, I felt the virus symptoms while I was eating it! Cooking the remainder killed the virus/bacteria mileau.

Deadly like delta and transmissible as omicron. It infects the lungs unlike omicron. Lungs and nasal passages.

How to treat it

Firstly always start with activated charcoal to make sure it doesn't infect the gut bacteria which produces fever.  Here is the rest of the protocol:

Packet Emergen-c hydration+

200mg coq10 

50mg zinc 

100mcg selenium 

1000iu vitamin e 

10,000iu vitamin d

25,000iu retinol

100mg riboflavin 

Gynostemma extract along with tribulis extract (any steroidal saponin and any triterpenoid saponin, these are just examples)

1000mcg b12

Garlic powder capsules 

Echinacea root capsules 

Essential oils of cinnamon,  lavender, thyme, and eucalyptus should be vaporized.  Eucalyptus is the one that stops the feeling that you can't breathe 

Also get plenty of rest and sleep and fluids 


The elite very likely use anti-venom from king cobra or another snake https://www.brighteon.com/dc8f6219-379f-478a-91d8-8e0beb55312e

Because they added snake venom sequences in the virus so the antidote would be anti-venom which will target the covid.  This is why they don't want to release new viruses because they only have an antidote to covid for now.  I have no idea nor would I reccomend using anti-venom and who knows God might use that to judge them as well as ivermectin so I would stay away from that as well.  I tend to want to stay away from what the elites are using.  Ivermectin and anti-venom are the secrets they tell the 33rd degree masons.

And please remember we must stop these gene therapy vaccines for children 2 or younger, their cells are completely transfectible so they will have permanent side effects and much worse outcomes than anyone over 2 years old.  Also reverse transcriptase is more active in all child ages so making permanent side effects greatly enhanced as well.