In the fight against the New World Order, the battle is against our own nature

There is only one way out of this global tyranny.  We have to be more open, accepting, and giving.  We have to build community.  We have to build support for each other.

This is the only way.  The fight is against our selfish nature.

I have to believe that this time is going to contain the fulfillment of Daniel 2:44.  And according to the prophecy of this age, this will begin after the 6 year war is completed; 2031.  But I am concerned that we are not yet ready.  Christians have been living selfish lives since Jesus was still on this earth and it hasn't improved, and in many ways it has gotten worse.  The fulfillment of Christianity may happen in the next 10 years, where we share everything.

Cryptocurrency is the Ark of this Age.  But it is also a trap.  The trap is to get you prepared to accept the Central Bank Digital Currency which is the linchpin of the Mark of the Beast.  The Ark is that it is training wheels to sharing where we create our own "means of exchange" and everyone can participate in that endeavor.  Cryptocurrency represents the possibility of the separation of Currency and State.

The sober fact is that governments cannot survive without controlling the monetary system.  It simply cannot work.  Without that, they are reduced to simple gangsters that have to try to shake down producers.  But there will no longer be any centralized overbearing forces known today as governments.

The stone cut without hands will destroy all the kingdoms of the earth and a time of prosperity which the world has never known to this day will be released.  And I pray to God that we will be ready soon.

We fight this war with Hoe's, with Shovels, with Tractors, and with Wheelbarrows.  We fight this war with Sharing, with Teaching, with Coding, with Designing and Engineering better ways and Building new methods.

A people without Vision are cursed.  Our vision needs to be a return to Community.  I believe we will achieve it and I see evidence of God forging this understanding and unity in the people.  But we have a long way to go.  And when we reach it, the world will be a new place that you will only recognize from having seen it in your dreams.

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