Best DuckDuckGo alternatives that don't censor and #2 is Yandex set to english

As you may be aware duck duck go (DDG) has just revealed that they are now censoring mis and disinformation.  Just like firefox making major foupaws like firing their ceo for donating $1000 to a right wing cause and revoking dogecoin support after a leftist mob attacked them over it, and calling for deplatforming trump supporters; duckduckgo is the latest fake alternative that has been brought down.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was a secret microsoft operation since ddg uses microsoft bing search results exclusively.

Duckduckgo has been censoring the search "naturehacker" for years now because I complained to microsoft that they were doxing me in search suggestions, instead of fixing the suggestions to remove my real name they just censored all my sites like naturehacker.org from their search results, while my site still showed up just fine on google with no doxing.  The microsoft doxing was because of my prediction of bill gates quantum dot mark of the beast in 2018:


The best search engines now are (ranked best to worst) metager, yandex (configured properly), mojeek, and gigablast.

My suggestion is add them all to your browser and use different ones to get different perspectives, they all give very different results.  They also all have good privacy and non-censorship policies.

I currently use Puma browser on android devices and there you can add your own search engines.  If you add yandex use this search format:

What this does is make sure yandex results are in english and that it searches using the exact words you type, it doesn't change your search for you.

Metager is probably the best all around as it has the strongest censorship-free and privacy guarantees.  Yandex is also nice.

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