Designer Babies (SUPERMAN) is where the Vaccine Agenda leads, via CRISPR

You probably aren't aware of this but I worked as a Molecular Biologist in an NIH BSL-2 Laboratory from 2009-2014.

It just so happens that the NIH was using us covertly for biowarfare.  What we did is use animal skeletal muscle cells and cardiomyocytes (heart cells) using mRNA and DNA technology to edit gene expression.  It just so happens we used both viral vector (like AZ and J&J shots) and Lipid encapsulation (like Pfizer and Moderna) technology to introduce foreign genetics.  I also used electorporation which wasn't very effective.  When I was leaving, the lab was transitioning to CRISPR and fully editing the embryo's before birth.

We were looking for gene targets that caused the most serious cardiac and skeletal muscle anomalies possible.  Little did I know that these targets we uncovered like LMOD (leiomodin), TMOD (torpomodulin), FXR, and others are probably being used for biowarfare as we speak as "impurities" in the current "vaccines".  LMOD downregulation causes Dilated Cardiomyopathy, the end result of uncontrolled myocarditis.  When I was starting to defect I believe my labmates or boss infected me with one of these, probably siRNA to LMOD in a cookie that tasted like blood.  I have been battling myocarditis since then.  It has been a tough journey and I have made many strides and discoveries in fighting it.  What helps the most is supplemental phosphate like in "Emergen-C hydration+", fighting H pylori with broccoli seed, and fighting mycobacterium with garlic.  Other helpful things include potassium, taurine, calcium.

Anyway the progression our lab went down will very likely be prophetic for where Fauci and the eugenicists want to take this all.  Here was the progression:

1. Lipid encapsulation of genetic material (like pfizer and moderna).  ~10% transfection efficiency.

2. Viral vector encapsulation of genetic material (like AZ and J&J) using Adenovirus ~80% transduction efficiency.

3. Viral vector encapsulation of genetic material (like AZ and J&J) using Lentivirus ~100% transduction efficiency.

4. CRISPR gene editing before birth.

So the first two have already been done and now they will likely take some time to consolidate these technologies but it is only a matter of time before they crispr gene edit babies under the guise of "vaccination" or prevention of genetic diseases.

One very important thing to know is that in order to infect these muscle and heart cell types we needed animals that are the equivalent or younger than 1.5 year old humans.  What this means is that the cells we are infecting right now with the "vaccines" are other stem cells in the body like bone marrow and perhaps some others.  But for kids under 1.5 years old, all their cells in the body can be hijacked.  This is why we need to work so hard to prevent this being given to kids (and pregnant women to be honest).

My opinion on where it goes after that is that they want humans to be just another crop to them and they will produce humans as needed, but only at a rate they can be fully controlled like cattle.  They will probably also knock down intelligence, REM sleep, and other things to make sure humanity can never escape their slavery.  The term Alex Jones used for these sort of things (probably based on the eugenicists documents) is called "SuperMan".  A fully synthetic human.

But it won't happen.  But the fact that this is what they are trying to accomplish, means it isn't far fetched to believe that God will strike all governments off the face of the earth for good in just a decade.


In the fight against the New World Order, the battle is against our own nature

There is only one way out of this global tyranny.  We have to be more open, accepting, and giving.  We have to build community.  We have to build support for each other.

This is the only way.  The fight is against our selfish nature.

I have to believe that this time is going to contain the fulfillment of Daniel 2:44.  And according to the prophecy of this age, this will begin after the 6 year war is completed; 2031.  But I am concerned that we are not yet ready.  Christians have been living selfish lives since Jesus was still on this earth and it hasn't improved, and in many ways it has gotten worse.  The fulfillment of Christianity may happen in the next 10 years, where we share everything.

Cryptocurrency is the Ark of this Age.  But it is also a trap.  The trap is to get you prepared to accept the Central Bank Digital Currency which is the linchpin of the Mark of the Beast.  The Ark is that it is training wheels to sharing where we create our own "means of exchange" and everyone can participate in that endeavor.  Cryptocurrency represents the possibility of the separation of Currency and State.

The sober fact is that governments cannot survive without controlling the monetary system.  It simply cannot work.  Without that, they are reduced to simple gangsters that have to try to shake down producers.  But there will no longer be any centralized overbearing forces known today as governments.

The stone cut without hands will destroy all the kingdoms of the earth and a time of prosperity which the world has never known to this day will be released.  And I pray to God that we will be ready soon.

We fight this war with Hoe's, with Shovels, with Tractors, and with Wheelbarrows.  We fight this war with Sharing, with Teaching, with Coding, with Designing and Engineering better ways and Building new methods.

A people without Vision are cursed.  Our vision needs to be a return to Community.  I believe we will achieve it and I see evidence of God forging this understanding and unity in the people.  But we have a long way to go.  And when we reach it, the world will be a new place that you will only recognize from having seen it in your dreams.


Best DuckDuckGo alternatives that don't censor and #2 is Yandex set to english

As you may be aware duck duck go (DDG) has just revealed that they are now censoring mis and disinformation.  Just like firefox making major foupaws like firing their ceo for donating $1000 to a right wing cause and revoking dogecoin support after a leftist mob attacked them over it, and calling for deplatforming trump supporters; duckduckgo is the latest fake alternative that has been brought down.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was a secret microsoft operation since ddg uses microsoft bing search results exclusively.

Duckduckgo has been censoring the search "naturehacker" for years now because I complained to microsoft that they were doxing me in search suggestions, instead of fixing the suggestions to remove my real name they just censored all my sites like naturehacker.org from their search results, while my site still showed up just fine on google with no doxing.  The microsoft doxing was because of my prediction of bill gates quantum dot mark of the beast in 2018:


The best search engines now are (ranked best to worst) metager, yandex (configured properly), mojeek, and gigablast.

My suggestion is add them all to your browser and use different ones to get different perspectives, they all give very different results.  They also all have good privacy and non-censorship policies.

I currently use Puma browser on android devices and there you can add your own search engines.  If you add yandex use this search format:

What this does is make sure yandex results are in english and that it searches using the exact words you type, it doesn't change your search for you.

Metager is probably the best all around as it has the strongest censorship-free and privacy guarantees.  Yandex is also nice.