The book 1984 was right about the year, it was a code for 2019

 So we all know 1984 is coming true.  But we might have thought George Orwell had the year wrong.  Nothing really happened in 1984, there weren't surveillance cameras everywhere Or helicopters following innocent people around.  But that is happening now.  In fact in 2019 I had helicopters following me around every time I was riding my bike in the city and I had to pull down my hat every time I went to the grocery store.  As we all know 1984 is here now.

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So orwell got the year wrong right?  No harm no foul though, we now know better.  But what if I told you Orwell did know better and "1984" was code for 2019.  Sounds crazy right? Its not.

The Code Is dead obvious but no one has realized it yet. The book 1984 was written in 1949.  So we do some simple math.  Subtract 1949 from 1984.  That is 35 years.  Now do 1984 + 35 years.  It puts you at the year 2019.  The year covid came out, hence the covid "19".  So orwell couldn't give away that he was privy to the actual year, and had to encode it this way.  But he was dead right, we just couldn't figure out the code until his predictions actually happened.  Amazing.  He knew.  1984 was the halfway point, and it would take action then to prevent it from fully playing out as he knew the global elites wanted.  Unfortunately him predicting it wasn't enough for the population to wake up and stop it before it was too late.

Someone else who noticed 1984 was playing out in 2019, but he didn't figure out the code: https://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2019/06/06/george-orwell-1984-technology-government-surveillance

Orwell's final warning 

George orwell was not a mathematician, but in reality he shouldn't have named the book after the midpoint 0.5, but rather the golden ratio 0.68.  this would have named the book 1997 and would have been more relevant as 9/11 was coming soon.  In fact in 1997 I was scared to death that I had AIDS and/or mad cow disease.  I was scared to death over my health.  I believe that this was prophetic because now everyone else was where I was as a hypochondriac in 1997 now in the 2020's  It has taken me another 25 years to master health and not rely on the medical industry at all for literally anything.  And so in 2045 so will everyone else finally eschew big pharma and move entirely to eclectic medicine.

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