Omicron is easily beatable with essential oils

 As I have said in april 2020 Covid is not hard to beat naturally.  Even easier is omicron since it mostly stays in the nasal cavity.  Peter McCullough has a protocol nasal rinse which is proven to work.  But omicron is even easier to beat than that.  Simply vapor of certain essential oils is enough to kill it.

The essential oils may target the virus directly, but in reality it is haemophilus bacteria is what harbors the virus.  We have known this for a while, the reason why echinacea helps with the common cold is it kills the haemophilus bacteria that harbor the cold virus.  Coronavirus is no different.

So all we have to do is look at which essential oils kill haemophilus.  Best are peppermint and cinnamon.  So the protocol just needs to be put a few drops of either of those on the chest at night.  Vicks vapor rub also contains menthol and should work.

I have done this several nights in a row after I woke up with a scratchy throat and it is keeping the virus at bay while my body develops immunity.  It works.  The night is the most vulnerable time for the body.

Also I want to say that the virus is being spread in chemtrails.  I started getting omicron while bieng totally isolated from society, my only sin was having my windows open at night.  Likely they are spreading new variants through 3 means, chemtrails, vaccines/boosters, and person to person after people get primary infection from the aforementioned two.

PS: just to keep you in the know, next variant coming in just a month or two, and it may not even be coronavirus at all 

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