Just weeks away from next variant: Deadly as delta, transmissible as omicron


I have been warning for months now, the next variant is coming Feb-March and will be called Sigma or Tau.  It will be touted by Its creator Fauci to be as transmissible as omicron but as deadly as delta.

I have also been saying since april 2020 that they are spreading the virus and now variants in chemtrails (and also in vaccines now).

I have also been warning for months that this next variant won't actually be corona at all but rather the spanish flu.

Now governments are getting rid of all covid restrictions.  This is the signal that we are only weeks away.  The markets are also in blood as the insiders now know the game plan.

So now here we are.  What now?

Here's the game plan.

They re-release delta and omicron in the chemtrails.  But that's not all.  They also release the spanish flu.  Now that everyone has vaccine induced AIDS (which fauci defined as a lowered CD8 cell count) everyone will catch all the variants at the same time.  Also the omicron + delta will give a diversion to what will really be killing people  spanish flu (which is treatable by antibiotics).

How to stay healthy?

Activated Charcoal.  It will stop anything that causes fever in its tracks... Everything from covid to flu to zika and ebola.  Get activated charcoal capsules now.  Adaptogens like ginseng, and other things like cinnamon and garlic will also help, garlic is the #1 prevention and cure for blood clots.

Oh and also since it is the flu, younger people will get hit hard with this, as opposed to younger not touched with covid.


  1. When do you take the charcoal? And how often? It will negate any other things you take within a certain window. So how do you manage the schedule?

  2. Hey I made an order last month for teef been emailing and got no response just curious if my order is shipped yet?


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