Bill Gates "Catastrophic Contagion" will be Spanish Flu effects children young adults

Bill gates and fauci are at it again and this time they confirm my predictions of their gain of function research spanish flu will be the next virus released on mankind. 


 May 17th 2020 my codevid predictions came true 


 Predicting spanish flu since august 2021 predicting it would be called tau or sigma variant 




 The 7 year tribulation (not the final trib, humanity has ~2000 years left) begins in 2024 with full scale war likely in 2025. It all may begin after the 2024 election cycle where we may see military on the streets 



Health Risk of Soda and Coke that you don't know about: Phosphorus

So let me start this out by saying that Phosphorus is an essential mineral for health and is super important for many things including bone health and even lungs and mucus membranes and is an electrolyte.

Food grade phosphoric acid is actually a very bioavailable source of Phosphorus.  Most phosphorus in natural foods is very hard to absorb, and it turns out that is for a very important reason.

The problem is that phosphorus can be bad and support the growth of Cancer causing bacteria called Pasteurella.  This bacteria is implicated in cat bites and other animal bites and scratches.  This bacteria can literally ruin your life causing Chronic fatigue, cancer, kidney problems, back problems and much more.

So if you drink soda make sure you are getting plenty of potassium to support kidney health.  Also you will want to be eating raw onions and garlic powder or raw garlic to help you counter the bacterial overgrowth the phosphorus causes.  And of course if you have cancer, stay away from soda like the plague.  Also some electrolytes like Emergen-c Hydration+ have phosphorus as well so be careful.

Stay safe out there.  NatureHacker.


Things I have recommended that have hurt and killed people I care about

I have to make this post so I myself can remember and contemplate so I NEVER make these mistakes again.  Also maybe you can learn prudence from my mistakes. I'm a hacker, not a doctor.  And it is really sad that the hackers among us have to take up medicine since the current system we have is so much more dangerous than any hacker recommendation can be.  I haven't been to a doctor, dentist, or anything else in over 9 years now and I will never go back because since Obamacare all your medical records are open and stored by the government.  We are all medical experimentation guinea pigs to the 3 letter organizations in the Executive branch.

So I will list the 3 things I have used, made, given, and recommended that have hurt or killed people and we can learn about each.  One of these (phosphorus) I recommended to someone you have probably heard about in the news and could have contributed to his death.

1. Iron.  This is the most blatant mistake I made.  I had no intention of giving this to someone who had cancer.  I made up a blend of herbs and activated charcoal for the person for their cancer but they wanted an iron supplement since they had to have transfusions because of chemo.  Well I made up a potent Iron Phosphate solution that they added to water. They died primarily of atrial fibrillation that was blamed on the Chemotherapy, which probably mostly did kill her, but I know the iron contributed to the atrial fibrillation.  My mistake on this one is I should never give someone something just because they ask for it, only recommend what I myself believe is the best course.

2. Phosphorus.  Phosphorus (phosphate) containing electrolyte emergen-c hydration+ was recommended to someone who had a deep chronic cough probably after Covid.  I myself had used this electrolyte to great effect helping clear the lungs.  However unknown to me phosphorus is a limiting mineral for cancer, so if someone has hidden malignancies and you give them phosphorus, it can lead to the cancer growing.  Again it was the surgery that killed the person, but the growth of previous unknown tumors very well could have been contributed to by the phosphorus.  I knew something about the Energized Health protocol could have been dangerous after the owner talked about someone who may or may not have used the protocol suddenly died.  I just didn't do the due diligence before recommending this.  My biggest mistake in this one is that phosphorus is known to be limited in the diet due to phytates and it is known to be potentially dangerous to supplement (same with iron) and I didn't take this as a sign that this mineral might pose significant risks.  I thought the limited phosphorus in our diet was a conspiracy that was being covered up, so my overly conspiratorial thinking and initial positive effect on myself is what led me to this mistake.

3. Liposomal Nano Hydroxyapatite.  Basically the remineralizing ingredient in TEEF powder.  The main problem here is when I used Sunflower Lecithin to make the hydroxyapatite liposomes.  Within a few weeks it was removed and replaced with ginseng extract which was much less potentially dangerous but still might have contributed to teeth problems in some of the users.  I think the lecithin caused the hydroxyapatite to clog the natural teeth pores leading to teeth breaking.  I am not sure exactly what the problem was, it could have been the exacerbation of anaerobic gas producing bacteria combined with the occluded teeth pores that led to the breakage of mine and at least one customers teeth.  I think the ginseng reduced this propensity 100x over the lecithin, but still over time I got more breakage and same with another customer.  Now TEEF will have no remineralizing ingredient besides the tricalcium phosphate base, and this will not be liposomal in any way.  The mistake here was using scientifically tested ingredients, but in a way where I introduced more advanced technology that I couldn't know for sure how it would react to infinitely complex biology.  Also I think the customers worst effected were leaving it on their teeth since I claimed remineralization they thought the longer it was on the teeth the better, which I had never recommended but its Murphy's law when you make a product.

I wish I could just have had the latitude to learn everything about biology before recommending or using anything, but that is basically impossible in this imperfect world where people need help now.  The current "medicines" and procedures used by modern medicine are 1000x more deadly but still "do no harm" is something I take deadly seriously and I had made mistakes that made me loose sight of this on the day to day.  In the future in my designs I have to use only tried and true things that are known for millennia to not cause harm when used the way they are.  No advanced technology in biology is safe unfortunately, and I had to learn that the hard way.  GRAS only and only in amounts and forms known to cause no harm whatsoever.


Roe v Wade repeal Staged? Deep state following 2020 blueprint for tyranny

Hmm a potential pandemic (monkeypox or PridePox, whatever they will call it) coupled with a trigger for social unrest (R v W overturned) and it looks like we are back in 2020 with the, at the time, potential Covid-19 pandemic and the likely faked death of George Floyd social unrest trigger.  They are following their supposedly successful script to bring in tyranny unopposed.

I guess the motivation is to distract people from the gain of function research being done to manipulate the pridepox virus, by doing a prolonged media blitz of social unrest.  Social unrest is the perfect way to divide the nation and get them in-fighting instead of stopping the creation of the next plandemic.  Also they will use the soros funded groups to spread the engineered virus amongst themselves and their communities and harvest the DNA (using "tests") for progressing the gain of function process.  Then boom the CDC and WHO will declare a global pandemic and then the news stations will be flooded with only that story and everyone will magically forget about abortion just like they forgot about police brutality.  They will then expand the court and overturn any positive supreme court rulings that Thomas accomplishes, including reinstating R v W.  So don't get too exuberant about this ruling.

Also this and other future rulings by Thomas will be used as a pretext to blame Christians, demonize Christians and get the population to persecute us.  This is a tribulation (2024-2031) after all...

What does this mean?  Stay safe but don't be distracted, pay close attention to the usual crew of fauci, gates, the fda, cdc, and others and expose their antics to stop the gain of function progressing.


Gain of function in progress:






This might be a good time to buy some Monero

A few days ago on June 14th Elon Musk posted "Cryptonight".  This reminds me of when Elon tweeted about dogecoin when it was below 1 cent and it then spiked shortly after.

Cryptonight is the mining protocol for Monero (or it was originally, now it is RandomX).  Elon could have just been doing a play on "Crypto Winter" which is the lowest part of the 4 year bitcoin cycle.  

So it is possible elon is signaling this is probably the beginning of crypto winter.  And I think it can get worse, if the bitcoin price stays here at 20k for a while it could lead to many bankruptcies in the crypto space as thier bitcoin collateral can no longer fund thier loans.

I expect october to be the end of crypto winter and the spike of altcoins, of which dogecoin, litecoin, bitcoin cash, and monero are part of.

Looking at the monero price chart, we are seeing some strong buy volume after elons tweet, which signfies to me that elon is probably buying https://www.tradingview.com/chart/?symbol=BINANCE%3AXMRUSD

So, if you have some dry powder in reserve, Monero might be worth a look.


When Blowing your Nose can be deadly: New Fauci Flu causes Labyrinthitis

It appears I was right and that Monkeypox is just a media diversion for the Flu that has been released and is ravaging the world right now.

This flu seems to have symptoms of improper body temp regulation (feel hot or cold or both), inner ear issues including the feeling of needing to pop your ears, throat issues, nausea, etc.  As for any flu the best treatment is activated charcoal to eliminate the bacteria in the gut that harbor the virus.  However head symptoms can persist.

So I've had this for the last week or so and waking up today I blew my nose and immediatly almost passed out.  I immediatly realized this is the goal.  I am not vaczed but if I were combine that dizzyness with blood clots in the brain and I would have been a goner.  The best thing to prevent blood clots is full spectrum garlic capsules.

I have never felt this before and immediatly I felt air in my inner ear move and stabilize a bit and I regained my sense of balance.  Again if I was elderly or had the clot shot, I would not have been so lucky.

Here is some info about this condition:

"While recovering from labyrinthitis, a person should rest and avoid any sudden movements of the head. As this condition can significantly affect a person’s balance and coordination, it is also essential to avoid driving and operating potentially dangerous machinery." https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/323606#recovery

It all makes sense, if you were a genocidalist and wanted as many to die from the clot shot as possible you would gain-of-function a flu virus (that has not been sprayed in the last few years to make peoples immunity to flu wane) to cause Labyrinthitis to cause more people to fall, and more to die.

Stay safe out there under the chem skies.

archive: https://archive.ph/M70yn


"Monkeypox" is a joke and the punchline is you will have to take the deadly Smallpox vaccine.

So as you know I have been pushing the Spanish Flu narrative as the next thing that Fauci will release on the unsuspecting population.

However he seems to be letting Bill Gates take a stab at mass murder and go with the Pox narrative for now.  Flu could come first and I expect it does because they will use the higher mortality for flu in young people to help push the Covid vaccine for under 5 y/o children, but that requires "flurona" and that people continue testing positive for covid in order to push the narrative that covid now is more dangerous to young people.  Even if people figure out it is the flu and not the next variant killing children, they will still push a combo flu/covid vaccine.  Coronavirus is not very dangerous for young children but Flu can be.  This is the reason I predict Flu next.

But when Pox is released, we know it will come eventually, the whole reason is to get people to die from the vaccine and getting infected by the vaccinated.  The smallpox vaccine is known to be dangerous especially for people with immunodeficiency.  Well we know that Covid and especially the covid vaccine reduces CD4 counts, which is the definition of AIDS (I let the FDA and CDC know this months ago). 

They are even pushing the narrative that not enough people taking the smallpox vaccine is the reason for monkeypox arising!

According to wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Smallpox_vaccine#Safety (archive)

"The (Smallpox) vaccine is infectious, which improves its effectiveness, but causes serious complications for people with impaired immune systems (for example chemotherapy and AIDS patients, and people with eczema), and is not yet considered safe for pregnant women. A woman planning on conceiving should not receive smallpox immunization"

It goes on to say that even healthcare workers refused this vax due to safety concerns.  Well with a monkeypox pandemic they can use fear and mandates to push this on every healthy non at-risk person they can.

I think this is so obvious that Fauci doesn't really want to be involved in it hence why Gates is pushing it.  I think Fauci is focused on getting everyone to have AIDS, Gates can then kill them from there with other plandemics.

Archive:https://archive.ph/VvaAJ , https://web.archive.org/web/20220522192831/https://www.naturehacker.org/2022/05/monkeypox-is-joke-and-punchline-is-you.html


It IS in the water, smoking guns "toilet to tap"

Firstly as a disclaimer I believe in viruses and I think covid is a virus.  I worked 5 years in Molecular Biology for the NIH, was acknowledged on 5 papers and we worked with viruses in the lab.  It is clear that there are snake venom sequences (codons) in the virus' code.  This means that there are snake venom peptides in the virus and I believe they are mostly in the spike protein but that should be verified. If so then the snake venom sequences are in the vaccine mRNA/DNA code making peoples bodies produce snake venom peptides from within.  Two reasons this can be done, firstly to make Covid-19 worse by hitting targets in the body with snake venom pieces, and also because if the elite have cobra or krait antivenin it will be their antidote to the virus because snake anti venom will attach to covid or the spike protein and neutralize it.  The elite built-in an antidote to the virus they created.

Now I am going to give you the smoking gun articles about covid virus in the tap water then I will get into details about what I think is happening here:

Toilet to tap 




Viruses can and do survive wastewater treatment


Chlorine is relatively ineffective at killing viruses


It takes 30 minutes of high chlorination to inactivate viruses


NYC wastewater treatment uses only 15-20 minutes of chlorination (not enough to inactivate viruses)


Los Angeles doesn't even have a wastewater disinfection (tertiary) process


Virus survival in reclaimed water (post wastewater treatment) is low when the water is constantly above 68f so warmer climates will have less spread


Enveloped viruses are in wastewater including coronavirus, influenza  and ebola and others


Coronavirus is much more abundant in peoples feces than in the nose and infectious in feces for longer (which is the reason why china uses anal swabs and also why activated charcoal [which binds the virus in the gut] works to halt the virus)


So we know covid is in wastewater, the CDC itself is monitoring our wastewater because they said if they find high levels in wastewater it predicts an outbreak several days later.  Well here we will uncover the mechanism of WHY this happens.

Firstly as an overview I believe there are a couple ways they use to spread covid depending on the location.  In hot places where the wastewater is above 68f for most of the year, they spray it in chemtrails as I have come down with symptoms of the virus after heavy spraying days.  68f wastewater inactivates covid pretty quickly so in hot places the wastewater method to spread covid doesn't work.

But the other exposures I've had could be linked to wastewater.  When I lived in Los Angeles at the beginning of the pandemic right after Trump said a deadly week was coming, during a rain storm with my windows open I came down with symptoms of the virus.  LA dumps its covid infected wastewater in santa monica bay.  From there the storm could have vaporized water from the bay and it came inland with the storm infecting people.  Trump could have known a covid wave was coming because he was being briefed by the CDC and that they were finding high levels in the wastewater.

The next exposure was from a whole guatemalan cantalope I ate just recently.  It is pretty clear to me the most likely way this fruit was infected was that it was grown using wastewater in guatemala.

So wastewater plays a huge role in Covid but this by definition means it is also in regular tap water.  I have known this a long time because a wastewater treatment company came to talk to my class of engineers in 2013 or 2014 and I asked them after if the wastewater was going into the tap.  They seemed to acknowledge that at least at low levels (say 5-50%) it was being returned to the tap.  Even when this isn't explicitly being done, treated wastewater is being pumped into the groundwater to dispose of it but at the same time the city pumps the water back up from groundwater directly into the city tap water.  So pumping wastewater into the groundwater is contaminating the groundwater that is used for the tap, if that makes sense.  It is sort of like a wastewater laundering operation.


As you can see in the below picture, nearly everywhere in the US has groundwater below 68f so the virus would last a long time in the groundwater.


As the articles linked at the top show, wastewater is being returned to the tap in America.  It is also shown that current wastewater treatment methodologies are insufficient to remove viruses from the water during treatment.  It would take at least 30 mins of high clorination and cities are only doing 15-20 minutes, and many are doing 0 minutes.  

So it is very clear that tap water contains treated wastewater and the viruses from the wastewater are not sufficiently removed before being returned to your tap.

Ozonation, reverse osmosis, and distillation are great ways to remove it from the water.  Also other ways mentioned below:



 archive of this post: https://archive.ph/kFpIF


New Variant Omicron XE in fruits?: How I predicted it and how to beat it

As all the big names were believing Bill Gates and Fauci that Omicron was a "vaccine" and that the new virus will be smallpox or hemmoragic fever, I stuck to my guns that the new variant would be a hybrid between delta and omicron, I predicted "deadly as delta transmissible as omicron".  





I was dead right.  Right now the strain is called by fauci omicron XE and here is what the scientific community has to say on wikipedia:

"A laboratory study on hamsters and mice in Japan published as a non-peer-reviewed preprint in mid-February 2022 suggested that BA.2, is not only more transmissible than BA.1, but may cause more severe disease.  Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies used to treat people infected with COVID did not have much effect on BA.2, which was "almost completely resistant" to casirivimab and imdevimab, and 35 times more resistant to sotrovimab than the original B.1.1 virus. The researchers proposed that BA.2 should be recognised as a unique variant of concern, which would be given its own Greek letter."

Remember that I predicted Flurona before anyone else in 8/2021 and I predicted "deadly as delta transmissible as omicron" in January 2022 while everyone else was talking about ebola and smallpox.  Its not that I am smarter or better than those with wrong predictions, its that Fauci used to be my boss and I have been reverse engineering what he does.

How it spreads

Spread in the water according to mike adams, I was infected by eating a seemingly healthy cantalope raw from Guatemala brand Sol. It was imported to america and was heavily infected with covid, I felt the virus symptoms while I was eating it! Cooking the remainder killed the virus/bacteria mileau.

Deadly like delta and transmissible as omicron. It infects the lungs unlike omicron. Lungs and nasal passages.

How to treat it

Firstly always start with activated charcoal to make sure it doesn't infect the gut bacteria which produces fever.  Here is the rest of the protocol:

Packet Emergen-c hydration+

200mg coq10 

50mg zinc 

100mcg selenium 

1000iu vitamin e 

10,000iu vitamin d

25,000iu retinol

100mg riboflavin 

Gynostemma extract along with tribulis extract (any steroidal saponin and any triterpenoid saponin, these are just examples)

1000mcg b12

Garlic powder capsules 

Echinacea root capsules 

Essential oils of cinnamon,  lavender, thyme, and eucalyptus should be vaporized.  Eucalyptus is the one that stops the feeling that you can't breathe 

Also get plenty of rest and sleep and fluids 


The elite very likely use anti-venom from king cobra or another snake https://www.brighteon.com/dc8f6219-379f-478a-91d8-8e0beb55312e

Because they added snake venom sequences in the virus so the antidote would be anti-venom which will target the covid.  This is why they don't want to release new viruses because they only have an antidote to covid for now.  I have no idea nor would I reccomend using anti-venom and who knows God might use that to judge them as well as ivermectin so I would stay away from that as well.  I tend to want to stay away from what the elites are using.  Ivermectin and anti-venom are the secrets they tell the 33rd degree masons.

And please remember we must stop these gene therapy vaccines for children 2 or younger, their cells are completely transfectible so they will have permanent side effects and much worse outcomes than anyone over 2 years old.  Also reverse transcriptase is more active in all child ages so making permanent side effects greatly enhanced as well.



Designer Babies (SUPERMAN) is where the Vaccine Agenda leads, via CRISPR

You probably aren't aware of this but I worked as a Molecular Biologist in an NIH BSL-2 Laboratory from 2009-2014.

It just so happens that the NIH was using us covertly for biowarfare.  What we did is use animal skeletal muscle cells and cardiomyocytes (heart cells) using mRNA and DNA technology to edit gene expression.  It just so happens we used both viral vector (like AZ and J&J shots) and Lipid encapsulation (like Pfizer and Moderna) technology to introduce foreign genetics.  I also used electorporation which wasn't very effective.  When I was leaving, the lab was transitioning to CRISPR and fully editing the embryo's before birth.

We were looking for gene targets that caused the most serious cardiac and skeletal muscle anomalies possible.  Little did I know that these targets we uncovered like LMOD (leiomodin), TMOD (torpomodulin), FXR, and others are probably being used for biowarfare as we speak as "impurities" in the current "vaccines".  LMOD downregulation causes Dilated Cardiomyopathy, the end result of uncontrolled myocarditis.  When I was starting to defect I believe my labmates or boss infected me with one of these, probably siRNA to LMOD in a cookie that tasted like blood.  I have been battling myocarditis since then.  It has been a tough journey and I have made many strides and discoveries in fighting it.  What helps the most is supplemental phosphate like in "Emergen-C hydration+", fighting H pylori with broccoli seed, and fighting mycobacterium with garlic.  Other helpful things include potassium, taurine, calcium.

Anyway the progression our lab went down will very likely be prophetic for where Fauci and the eugenicists want to take this all.  Here was the progression:

1. Lipid encapsulation of genetic material (like pfizer and moderna).  ~10% transfection efficiency.

2. Viral vector encapsulation of genetic material (like AZ and J&J) using Adenovirus ~80% transduction efficiency.

3. Viral vector encapsulation of genetic material (like AZ and J&J) using Lentivirus ~100% transduction efficiency.

4. CRISPR gene editing before birth.

So the first two have already been done and now they will likely take some time to consolidate these technologies but it is only a matter of time before they crispr gene edit babies under the guise of "vaccination" or prevention of genetic diseases.

One very important thing to know is that in order to infect these muscle and heart cell types we needed animals that are the equivalent or younger than 1.5 year old humans.  What this means is that the cells we are infecting right now with the "vaccines" are other stem cells in the body like bone marrow and perhaps some others.  But for kids under 1.5 years old, all their cells in the body can be hijacked.  This is why we need to work so hard to prevent this being given to kids (and pregnant women to be honest).

My opinion on where it goes after that is that they want humans to be just another crop to them and they will produce humans as needed, but only at a rate they can be fully controlled like cattle.  They will probably also knock down intelligence, REM sleep, and other things to make sure humanity can never escape their slavery.  The term Alex Jones used for these sort of things (probably based on the eugenicists documents) is called "SuperMan".  A fully synthetic human.

But it won't happen.  But the fact that this is what they are trying to accomplish, means it isn't far fetched to believe that God will strike all governments off the face of the earth for good in just a decade.


In the fight against the New World Order, the battle is against our own nature

There is only one way out of this global tyranny.  We have to be more open, accepting, and giving.  We have to build community.  We have to build support for each other.

This is the only way.  The fight is against our selfish nature.

I have to believe that this time is going to contain the fulfillment of Daniel 2:44.  And according to the prophecy of this age, this will begin after the 6 year war is completed; 2031.  But I am concerned that we are not yet ready.  Christians have been living selfish lives since Jesus was still on this earth and it hasn't improved, and in many ways it has gotten worse.  The fulfillment of Christianity may happen in the next 10 years, where we share everything.

Cryptocurrency is the Ark of this Age.  But it is also a trap.  The trap is to get you prepared to accept the Central Bank Digital Currency which is the linchpin of the Mark of the Beast.  The Ark is that it is training wheels to sharing where we create our own "means of exchange" and everyone can participate in that endeavor.  Cryptocurrency represents the possibility of the separation of Currency and State.

The sober fact is that governments cannot survive without controlling the monetary system.  It simply cannot work.  Without that, they are reduced to simple gangsters that have to try to shake down producers.  But there will no longer be any centralized overbearing forces known today as governments.

The stone cut without hands will destroy all the kingdoms of the earth and a time of prosperity which the world has never known to this day will be released.  And I pray to God that we will be ready soon.

We fight this war with Hoe's, with Shovels, with Tractors, and with Wheelbarrows.  We fight this war with Sharing, with Teaching, with Coding, with Designing and Engineering better ways and Building new methods.

A people without Vision are cursed.  Our vision needs to be a return to Community.  I believe we will achieve it and I see evidence of God forging this understanding and unity in the people.  But we have a long way to go.  And when we reach it, the world will be a new place that you will only recognize from having seen it in your dreams.


Best DuckDuckGo alternatives that don't censor and #2 is Yandex set to english

As you may be aware duck duck go (DDG) has just revealed that they are now censoring mis and disinformation.  Just like firefox making major foupaws like firing their ceo for donating $1000 to a right wing cause and revoking dogecoin support after a leftist mob attacked them over it, and calling for deplatforming trump supporters; duckduckgo is the latest fake alternative that has been brought down.  I wouldn't be surprised at all if it was a secret microsoft operation since ddg uses microsoft bing search results exclusively.

Duckduckgo has been censoring the search "naturehacker" for years now because I complained to microsoft that they were doxing me in search suggestions, instead of fixing the suggestions to remove my real name they just censored all my sites like naturehacker.org from their search results, while my site still showed up just fine on google with no doxing.  The microsoft doxing was because of my prediction of bill gates quantum dot mark of the beast in 2018:


The best search engines now are (ranked best to worst) metager, yandex (configured properly), mojeek, and gigablast.

My suggestion is add them all to your browser and use different ones to get different perspectives, they all give very different results.  They also all have good privacy and non-censorship policies.

I currently use Puma browser on android devices and there you can add your own search engines.  If you add yandex use this search format:

What this does is make sure yandex results are in english and that it searches using the exact words you type, it doesn't change your search for you.

Metager is probably the best all around as it has the strongest censorship-free and privacy guarantees.  Yandex is also nice.


Bitcoin will be declared a Ponzi Scheme by the SEC; Elon Musk knows this

Archive: https://web.archive.org/web/20220223154122/https://www.naturehacker.org/2022/02/bitcoin-will-be-declared-ponzi-scheme.html

So with Proof of Stake coins soon to be labled securities by the SEC, we might have thought that bitcoin was safe.  Think again.

The definition of a ponzi scheme is a scheme that lures investors and pays profits to the earlier investors with funds from later investors.  This is exactly how Bitcoin works.  Bitcoin lures investors with the notion that due to its permanently limited supply people in the future will have to pay more for coins, making the investment go up over time.

To be safe get coins that are proof of work, preferably an energy efficient form like GPU and CPU minable coins, and that have a fair distribution model like Dogecoin, GRIN, Monero, Raptoreum, Ravencoin, Ethereum Classic, or Ergon.  Each one of these continues to offer coins upon mining forever, and eliminates the potential of bieng a ponzi scheme and eliminates economic rents on later investors.  The most fair are Grin and especially Ergon.

Will bitcoin die or will it get around this?

It will probably introduce a tail emission of say 0.1 bitcoin to try to get around this regulation, but that will come after the impact has already been done and dogecoin takes the top spot.  I am more hopefull that bitcoin cash (BCH) will be nimble and avoid significant damage when this happens.


In 8 years (or less) cryprocurrency will be accepted everywhere

I started naturehackerproducts.com in 2014.  At that point none of my suppliers accepted paypal.  So I had a real merchant account that deposited money directly into my account.  All in all it cost me about $100 a month to do that, $40 a month up front and then fees for every purchase.

After a couple of years of that,  I couldn't afford it anymore.  A few of my suppliers started accepting paypal and then I made the transition to paypal which took no monthly fee.

 A couple months ago every single one of my suppliers accepted paypal.  So paypal went from very low adoption to full adoption in just 8 years.

Everything was good up until a couple months ago when paypal started reporting everyone who made over $600 a year to the IRS.  Not wanting to be tattled on (which would grossly overestimate my income and I would have to prove to the IRS that almost all my income was expenses) I switched teefpowder.com to only accept crypto.

A couple of my suppliers accept crypto now, and I can even buy postage with crypto.  So if crypto follows paypal adoption within 8 years crypto will be accepted everywhere for anything you could need.  I suggest businesses get a jump on it sooner rather than later.

Despite the lies of the Canadian Government and others that they can sieze crypto accounts, they cannot.  All you have to do is withdrawl your crypto from an exchange and onto your own wallet that you have sole control of and it can never be taken away from you or frozen.


How far America will fall to hit rock bottom

The low for our society might not be quite as bad as you think.

This mini-tribulation, complete with 2 witnesses, a beast  and an antichrist will be here soon.  It starts 2024 and lasts until 2031.  This time will be difficult and good people will have to come out of the beast system, and they have begun forcing moral people out since 2020.  God doesn't want his people working for the beast by working for corporate america.  Also another big one is that good people need to leave the financial system, which is the lifeblood of the beast.  Crypto, gold and silver and barter is the way.

So what is the low, do we have to go back to the stoneage?  Not quite.  Expect lengthy periods of disruption for power and internet.  There might even be massive amounts of electronics and cars destroyed via emp's.  Also supply chain disruptions will become crippling and you will need to find alternatives to grocery stores for food.

But part of our republic will survive unscathed.  The Judicial system.  Congress and the executive branch will falter.  There might be permanent government shutdowns.  But local courts will continue to function.  Just like the Israelites first started with Moses solving disputes and later this was delegated to 70 judges.  In our society judges will use state and national contstitutions to decide disputes between people and groups.  And this will be the only part of the US government that continues.  The fall of the legislative and executive branches of government will be the rock bottom and we   build from there, using Givism instead of capitalism or socialism; the rock carved without hands that will destroy all the governments on earth.


Just as I predicted: new strain deadly and transmissible

New covid strain that is deadly and transmissible just found.  Here is a news link.


 Here i an excerpt from that article:

"the scientists warned of a "potential bio-safety threat" for humans "with both high fatality and transmission rate."

Notice just a few days ago I made this exact same prediction


When you have a lock on them you have a lock.  Remember not only did Fauci use to be my boss at the NIH, but I have also been awake since 2013 so that gives me lots of practice with this sort of thing.

Everything else in that blog post will continue to hold true as well so I suggest you study it and the past posts I have made on this topic.


The book 1984 was right about the year, it was a code for 2019

 So we all know 1984 is coming true.  But we might have thought George Orwell had the year wrong.  Nothing really happened in 1984, there weren't surveillance cameras everywhere Or helicopters following innocent people around.  But that is happening now.  In fact in 2019 I had helicopters following me around every time I was riding my bike in the city and I had to pull down my hat every time I went to the grocery store.  As we all know 1984 is here now.

Take a look at some articles I wrote in 2019





So orwell got the year wrong right?  No harm no foul though, we now know better.  But what if I told you Orwell did know better and "1984" was code for 2019.  Sounds crazy right? Its not.

The Code Is dead obvious but no one has realized it yet. The book 1984 was written in 1949.  So we do some simple math.  Subtract 1949 from 1984.  That is 35 years.  Now do 1984 + 35 years.  It puts you at the year 2019.  The year covid came out, hence the covid "19".  So orwell couldn't give away that he was privy to the actual year, and had to encode it this way.  But he was dead right, we just couldn't figure out the code until his predictions actually happened.  Amazing.  He knew.  1984 was the halfway point, and it would take action then to prevent it from fully playing out as he knew the global elites wanted.  Unfortunately him predicting it wasn't enough for the population to wake up and stop it before it was too late.

Someone else who noticed 1984 was playing out in 2019, but he didn't figure out the code: https://www.wbur.org/onpoint/2019/06/06/george-orwell-1984-technology-government-surveillance

Orwell's final warning 

George orwell was not a mathematician, but in reality he shouldn't have named the book after the midpoint 0.5, but rather the golden ratio 0.68.  this would have named the book 1997 and would have been more relevant as 9/11 was coming soon.  In fact in 1997 I was scared to death that I had AIDS and/or mad cow disease.  I was scared to death over my health.  I believe that this was prophetic because now everyone else was where I was as a hypochondriac in 1997 now in the 2020's  It has taken me another 25 years to master health and not rely on the medical industry at all for literally anything.  And so in 2045 so will everyone else finally eschew big pharma and move entirely to eclectic medicine.


Just weeks away from next variant: Deadly as delta, transmissible as omicron


I have been warning for months now, the next variant is coming Feb-March and will be called Sigma or Tau.  It will be touted by Its creator Fauci to be as transmissible as omicron but as deadly as delta.

I have also been saying since april 2020 that they are spreading the virus and now variants in chemtrails (and also in vaccines now).

I have also been warning for months that this next variant won't actually be corona at all but rather the spanish flu.

Now governments are getting rid of all covid restrictions.  This is the signal that we are only weeks away.  The markets are also in blood as the insiders now know the game plan.

So now here we are.  What now?

Here's the game plan.

They re-release delta and omicron in the chemtrails.  But that's not all.  They also release the spanish flu.  Now that everyone has vaccine induced AIDS (which fauci defined as a lowered CD8 cell count) everyone will catch all the variants at the same time.  Also the omicron + delta will give a diversion to what will really be killing people  spanish flu (which is treatable by antibiotics).

How to stay healthy?

Activated Charcoal.  It will stop anything that causes fever in its tracks... Everything from covid to flu to zika and ebola.  Get activated charcoal capsules now.  Adaptogens like ginseng, and other things like cinnamon and garlic will also help, garlic is the #1 prevention and cure for blood clots.

Oh and also since it is the flu, younger people will get hit hard with this, as opposed to younger not touched with covid.


Omicron is easily beatable with essential oils

 As I have said in april 2020 Covid is not hard to beat naturally.  Even easier is omicron since it mostly stays in the nasal cavity.  Peter McCullough has a protocol nasal rinse which is proven to work.  But omicron is even easier to beat than that.  Simply vapor of certain essential oils is enough to kill it.

The essential oils may target the virus directly, but in reality it is haemophilus bacteria is what harbors the virus.  We have known this for a while, the reason why echinacea helps with the common cold is it kills the haemophilus bacteria that harbor the cold virus.  Coronavirus is no different.

So all we have to do is look at which essential oils kill haemophilus.  Best are peppermint and cinnamon.  So the protocol just needs to be put a few drops of either of those on the chest at night.  Vicks vapor rub also contains menthol and should work.

I have done this several nights in a row after I woke up with a scratchy throat and it is keeping the virus at bay while my body develops immunity.  It works.  The night is the most vulnerable time for the body.

Also I want to say that the virus is being spread in chemtrails.  I started getting omicron while bieng totally isolated from society, my only sin was having my windows open at night.  Likely they are spreading new variants through 3 means, chemtrails, vaccines/boosters, and person to person after people get primary infection from the aforementioned two.

PS: just to keep you in the know, next variant coming in just a month or two, and it may not even be coronavirus at all