The Two Witnesses Revealed: Rand Paul and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

The second witness of this period of tribulation has been revealed, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  They say the first shall be last and the last first, and RFK jr and his family has definitely been brought to the lowest place possible with the assassination of JFK and RFK and JFK jr.

RFK jr. is doing an absolute perfect job at fighting this tyranny in the most effective possible way by taking on Fauci and especially the FDA and their fake approval of the vaccine.  Huge development that a federal judge shot down the federal vaccine mandate because the approval was not legal, and RFK no doubt played an instrumental role in this development.

Learn more: (most written before code vid)







As I always say, this is not the end of the world, a beast and antichrist arise as well as two witnesses every time the revelation 12 alignment happens, every few hundred years.

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