Spanish Flu News: Yamagata strain deprecated, will be replaced with spanish flu strain

 As I have been saying for a while now:



 Fauci father of death is preparing to release a new (or old) flu variant called the Spanish Flu that he has done post-mortem gain of function research on how the spanish flu used gram positive bacteria like streptococcus in the lungs (upregulated by mask wearing) in order to kill more effectively 


 We now have a smoking gun.  It appears that usually when a new flu strain is released they replace an old one according to scientists 


 What this means is the disappearance of yamagata is heralding a new strain released.  It will likely be an engineered version of Spanish Flu.  This is the whole point of covid, and especially omicron - get everyone testing positive for coronavirus so you can stealth-introduce the spanish flu and wipe out millions of people.  This is only possible if it is stealth, doctors know they can treat flu with antibiotics but if they think it is just another covid variant they won't.  This is just what fauci plans, and the masks are part of giving the spanish flu gain of deadly function.

As fauci's research shows it is gram positive bacteria that enhance spanish flu so get some adaptogens (natural gram positive killing herbs) like ginseng or gynostemma to immunize yourself.  Also taking activated charcoal capsules works on every virus for treatment and prevention and is also the very best way to detox from the vaccine if you were foolish enough to get it.  When it comes to vaccines remember what they said happens when you play with fire... but still there is time to change and detox and never get another one.

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