February or March will be the sigma variant or tau variant

In a post a few months ago 


 I predicted the sigma or tau variant would be named but that it would be a diversion and that the actual sickness would be the spanish flu which fauci did gain of function research on. The spanish flu can be prevented and cured with activated charcoal and any other antibiotics (or herbs like adaptogens) against the bacteria fauci named in the spanish flu research namely pneumococcus and streptococcus 


Omricon variant was 11 greek letters after delta and was 11 months after. So since sigma or tau are 3 or 4 letters that variant will likely be named in 3-4 months.

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Edit 11-28-2021

The way this will work is the omricon variant is extremely mild and highly contagious 


so everyone will test positive for covid while the spanish flu will be raging in the background.  This way the plan is for fauci to cover up the spanish flu pandemic so people don't realize it can be treated with common antibiotics and they think it is just another covid strain.