Rand Paul has solidified his place as one of the two witnesses during this period of tribulation

Of course I always want to make clear that this is not the Great Tribulation at the end of the world, but it is a very certain tribulation that occurs every time the revelation 12 sign happens.  In this case that sign happened sep 23 2017.   The tribulation usually starts within 7 years of that sign which is why I have been predicting the start around 2024.  I believe apophis is hades and will mark the worst part of the tribulation in 2029.

Disclaimer out of the way, I have said before here in 2017 that Rand Paul was a leading contender for one of the Two Witnesses during this tribulation.  Two people we can rule out as witnesses are Donald Trump (not that I ever thought he was a contender, but I'm sure some have) and Alex Jones.  Donald did nothing to stop the Beast plan when he had plenty of opportunity.  In fact with operation warp speed he made it happen faster.  Alex Jones I believe has now thrown Owen Shroyer under the bus as he has Joe Biggs and Millie Weaver in the past.  Alex Jones is a snake and probably an FBI asset.

Rand Paul now with standing up to Fauci and proving him a liar and made it very easy for the general public to connect the dots that Fauci in fact created the pandemic, is no longer a contender for the two witnesses, he is doing the work of a witness.  He is the only one right now and I hope and pray the second shows up soon to help as many people and do as much destruction to the deep state as possible.  The two witnesses have historically been killed around the start to 4 years into the tribulation so there are only 3-7 years left for the two witnesses to make everything clear to the people of the world.