The Vaccine Genocide Agenda

So here is the plan of the elite.

1. Antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) is kept alive with continual vaccines.  When a person is continually getting boosters they are keeping thier antibodies up and then an infection with the virus will cause severe lung injury.   This was all by design and why they are topping up everyones antibodies as the cold and flu season starts this season to produce as much Acute Lung Injury (ALI) as possible.

2. Don't blame the vaccine on the antibody dependent enhancement (ADE), blame the unvaccinated.  So you trap everyone into a perpetual treadmill of getting boosters which cause ADE, but instead of blaming ADE we will blame the unvaccinated for keeping COVID alive and breeding new variants, when in fact it is the ADE from the vaccine causing the severe disease in those that keep obeying the government.

3. Make people literally want to murder the unvaccinated for ruining their lives.  They now are trapped into getting boosters which cause ADE until all the unvaccinated are quarantined from normal society.  So they will vote to send them all to quarantine camps.  This is just the next iteration of Concentration Camps where there will be medical experimentation and forced labor and rampant disease.


* Treatments that include Regeneron (REGEN-COV casirivimab and imdevimab) are anti-spike protien antibodies that will invoke antibody dependent enhancement as well.

* Taking immunosuppresent steroids for controlling lung injury in Antibody dependent enhancement cases will cause likely strongyloides hyperinfection.

* It appears that ADE can begin as early as being infected with the virus only 2 days after the immunoglobins. So we know that genetically modified people are producing the antibodies well into the future.


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