Beware the Tau Variant isn't coronavirus covid it is the spanish flu

for more info see https://www.naturevault.org/wiki/pmwiki.php/NatureVault/Influenza 

Could be Tau, Could be Sigma, but it isn't coronavirus. Fauci "father of death" studied the Spanish flu and bacterial coinfections that made it deadly. 

He crafted a special plan to depopulate the world by leading with a weaponized coronavirus to cause the world to get false vaccines that lower natural immunity against bacteria and strongyloides (this is what spike protein does) and wear masks for years that cause bacterial pneumonia. 

Now since bacterial pneumonia is known as a killer in influenza, when the Spanish flu is re-released it has to be disguised. It will be disguised as the tau (or sigma) variant, just another coronavirus.   Of course almost all will test positive for coronavirus because they have been spreading it for years and it is also just the common cold that everyone carries. 

This way when they spread Spanish influenza they will not issue antibiotics to treat it, they will put you on a ventilator to kill you. In this way they will get maximum death from the virus. 

The covid concentration (quarantine) camps filled with extra vulnerable populations will be bioterror breeding grounds to really seed the Spanish Flu strongly and so it can develop variants and infect strongly and ultimately spread as widely as possible around the world.  Of course the virus will be sprayed in chemtrails as covid currently is.

This instance of a Florida doctor being restrained and put in solitary confinement for trying to help a bacterial pneumonia patient with antibiotics is prophetic https://www.naturalnews.com/2021-08-17-florida-hospital-murder-covid-patient-boost-deaths.html#


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  2. He made an exceptional arrangement to terminate the world by driving with a weaponized Covid to make the world get bogus antibodies that lower regular insusceptibility against microorganisms and strongyloides (this is the thing that spike protein does) and wear covers for a really long time that cause bacterial pneumonia.

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