Arizona Audit Maricopa County False Flag Coming




I have been doing lots of research on the election and I think I have arrived at a pretty good picture of how Dominion specifically rigged the vote in collusion with campaign managers and election officials as laid out here:


I also clearly remember that when Pizzagate researchers got close to implicating Media Matters insider James Alefantis, a false flag was launched.

So for the scientific process we will use our theory of media matters false flag generation to make a prediction.  They will run a false flag blaming "the big steal" conspiracy theorists for a mass shooting or attempted shooting after the arizona audit results are unveiled.  That is how science works, you give credence to your theory by making a prediction.  And I am sure this prediction will come true to galvanize the brainwashed against doing research into voter fraud like the Comet pizza false flag was launched to galvanize people against the reality of Comet ping pong relation to child trafficking.

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