The Tuberculosis Conspiracy

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Tuberculosis is a wretched and hidden disease causing almost any symptom you can think of.  At least 1/3 of everyone in the world has it.  If you don't have 'symptoms' it is called "Latent".  However many of the symptoms are so varied that you almost would never know if it was active.  Everything from back pain to insomnia to chronic pain to chronic fatigue to arthritis and more.

Nearly every country besides the US vaccinates their people against Tuberculosis.  It is called the BCG vaccine.  I am not pro-vaccine but this should be noted.  America doesn't give the vaccine because 'Murca ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ ?  

Even when someone in the US tests positive to TB via the skin test, they will just call it a "latent" infection and not treat it.  Dooming the person to a life long of health problems that they will be addicted to drugs to treat.

What the military does is very telling.  Anyone who tests positive via the skin test is put on a full course of antibiotics.  They are all regularly tested so if anyone becomes positive again, they get treated again.  This will ensure that people who were in the military will not have TB.  However many of the vaccines they get will give them other diseases.  But the way the military handles TB is absolutely the correct way.  We should all have the test available and be given antibiotics if desired to treat it.

But that would go against the deep state plan.  The plan to keep everyone sick all their lives and dependent on Big Pharma spending literally thousands of dollars a month to have insurance just for the ability to get dangerous drugs that will never cure the root cause of any disease while their body struggles with the TB Mycobacterium all their lives until it finally kills them.

Hidden TB infection makes people ultra-conservative.  This is what they want to foster in the US.  They want a new Nazi regime in America.  And they are binging in Muslims, Muslims are not allowed to eat garlic or onions, which kill TB.  The culture is designed to foster the TB bacteria and make it systemic.

The FBI and the deep state are trying to Make America Hateful again.  The liberals they are infecting with Toxoplasmosis which is another topic entirely.  But tuberculosis is the one that is the biggest conspiracy against America itself.

Something else to note: I believe based on research that both COVID and the COVID vaccine reactivate latent TB via the coronavirus spike protein.  What this means is everyone with TB becomes more unhealthy when they get infected with the virus or they get the vaccine.  This is the source of "Long haul covid" and also for most vaccine side effects.  It is no wonder that they are trying to push as much vaccine on America as possible, to reactivate TB even stronger and cause more disease and also extremism that they can use to implement new laws and also control a NAZI army.


How the FBI is destroying the United States using Political Immunization

Using their network of "confidential informants" the FBI is demolishing the country.  Here is how it works.  The "official" dark motive for why they orchestrate and stage events like January 6th and Unite the Right rally is to immunize the government from imagined (not real) threats.  They think that if they create a provocative event then likely stage injuries and/or fake deaths, that it can wake up the government and cause it to create antibodies (laws) that will neutralize such threats in the future.  It is a democratic "vaccine" agenda.

But there is an even more sinister dark motive.  This is to segregate and polarize the population.  They want not only the government to respond to the imaginary threats that the deep state wants, but also the population.  If you can get people to belong to groups that you (the FBI) define, then you can easily manipulate them.  This is really neatly embodied by fake martyrs.  For the right you have Ashli Babbitt who may or may not be a real casualty or could have used a blood packet and is now living under a fake name.  Same in the case of the lefts martyr George Floyd.  Deaths are faked all the time and for various agenda's but for the FBI it seems to be to polarize the population and immunize the government against threats to its unconstitutional power.

The FBI itself is unconstitutional, as is the Police State that we currently live under.  The only constitutional enforcers are Sheriff's, and we have seen that they are much less likely to carry out violence against the public, especially if they weren't trained using the unconstitutional military and unconstitutional police forces.  Anyway, the most important step in cleaning house is to understand the problem.  The FBI and all three letter government organizations need to be immediately disbanded.


I was right; super grasshoppers have arrived to the US

Almost exactly 1 year ago I predicted that the African dust would bring grasshopper eggs to the US that would interbreed with our grasshoppers creating Africanized grasshoppers that can cause swarming and mass destruction just like the Rocky Mountain Locust. https://www.naturehacker.org/2020/07/its-possible-that-african-dust-can.html

Well it has happened: https://www.sgtreport.com/2021/07/giant-swarms-of-grasshoppers-that-can-be-seen-on-radar-are-devouring-crops-all-over-the-western-u-s/


Arizona Audit Maricopa County False Flag Coming




I have been doing lots of research on the election and I think I have arrived at a pretty good picture of how Dominion specifically rigged the vote in collusion with campaign managers and election officials as laid out here:


I also clearly remember that when Pizzagate researchers got close to implicating Media Matters insider James Alefantis, a false flag was launched.

So for the scientific process we will use our theory of media matters false flag generation to make a prediction.  They will run a false flag blaming "the big steal" conspiracy theorists for a mass shooting or attempted shooting after the arizona audit results are unveiled.  That is how science works, you give credence to your theory by making a prediction.  And I am sure this prediction will come true to galvanize the brainwashed against doing research into voter fraud like the Comet pizza false flag was launched to galvanize people against the reality of Comet ping pong relation to child trafficking.