Elon Musk's Invescapades


So here is what happened.  Elon musk sells 50 Billion dollars worth of Tesla stock ending on 9:45 AM on the morning of Thursday 1/28/2021.  

Elon Musk then buys covered shorts of Gamestop at 9:45 AM and tweets that shorting stocks should be illegal.  

Elon Musk then tweets a "Dogue" picture and then buys 5 Billion dollars worth of Dogecoin.  

Then Elon musk changes his twitter profile to "#Bitcoin" and buys 50 Billion dollars worth of Bitcoin.

Quite a day, sending the entire world into a confused dizzy.  But it was really all just one dude.

Expect Tesla to start adding Dogecoin and Bitcoin to thier balance sheet and they will facilitate payments via crypto for thier Tesla taxi service and sending crypto payments between Tesla owners.  Tech companies will use cryptocurrency as a "Reserve Currency" similar to how gold used to back the dollar.

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