I got banned from twitter

 I refuse to give twitter my phone number (I don't have one anyway) in order to "reclaim" my account.  I never signed up with one, if they really wanted to contact me they would use the email that's on file.  This isn't about that.  They want me off.  This also happened to my facebook with over 1000 followers, they required a government ID to reclaim my account.  Well I don't negotiate with terrorists.

So if you are reading this you might have found that my twitter "@naturehacker1" is gone.  I don't expect many to have noticed, but maybe if there are one or two of you, sign up for the email list to the right side of this page and feel free to send me an email at any time at teefpowder2.0 at gmail.  Thank you.

What happened to Assange will be the model they use against all of us who speak out.

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