Dr. Creep is a Mason and predicted the world we live in 2020

Even I have a hard time believing the level of planning and forethought that went into the Plandemic of 2020.

Previously I thought that CodeVid was started in November 2019 (which lines up with this) because that was when the Coronavirus patent was finally approved (November 2019).  I figured they were planning on launching it whenever that patent was approved.

However that seems to have been shortsighted.   It seems they were planning on coronavirus pandemic in 2020 since at least 2013.  Who is "they"?  It appears to be the Masons.

Here is the video time stamped to where he says "Coronavirus 2020 bodies stacking"

Let's look at the Dr. Creep lyrics from 2013.  I will bold important predictor parts, current future parts in red.

Song Title: Pandemic

“They always start with a kind of storm, you know, a powerful storm. And there's always this dark, thick rain, like fresh motor oil…The storm started and something happened. His face, his eyes were different”


“By the time they tried to evacuate the city it was already too late. The infection is everywhere”


Produced by BLAQ MASQ

The Virus is harvesting
What do you mean H7N3?
Begin life in a lab in the first war of vaccines
Million die in the first week in the pandemic dreams
Reality, black death, smallpox, mutated disease
Flu-shot propaganda for all population and troops
Avoid the plague, it might have seeped into the room
It's now airborne with firestorm
Signal our doom
The dead returns with a pissed off zombie mood
The sprinkler system equipped with AuAg
Where they round up survivors? In a cold facility
Watch the process of terror from the hill near the stream
I remain in a gasmask
I still filter my water clean
This isn't past tense or the plague of Athens
Couldn't be eradicated like smallpox in action
Avian influenza in the jetstream is how it happens
2020 combined with CoronaVirus, bodies stacking


“The world is now at the sight of the influenza pandemic”
The State is rioting, using the street outside. It’s coming to your windows
Sequence the virus and determine its origin
“It was a virus”
“Something in the blood”
A virus which should be engineered at a genetic level to be helpful rather than harmful”


“This is sick like disease and can't be cured
“Few that remain that became stained with the bloodshed
“When the smoke screen fades”
“Death disease”
You feel a burning sensation
“Nothing remains”


You have to act fast
Grab your gas mask
Bad disaster has passed
Anarchy, cataclysm
Stand guard please

Blast your big guns
Havoc's begun
Viral outbreak
Tragic things done
Crowds renounce faith
Atrocious horror witnessed
Broke the hopes of optimistic
Scope is post-apocalyptic

Lone is harsh and vicious, gross and darker
Throwing darts blow apart the wicked
Foes know I'm sadistic
Cold, my aura is sick
Soldiers start resistance
Enemy troops in NBC suits
We shoot, then we regroup
Conquer weak with armed fleet
Bomb the streets with Dr. Creep


The scientific criteria for an influenza pandemic have been met”
“You need a doctor to tell you that”
“This virus is human”
Radio stopped broadcasting. There were reports of infection in Paris and New York”
The army blockades were overrun
“What scientists know about this newer strain…
“Decided to raise the level of influenza pandemic alert


My comments:

Notice the "windows" part and "smoke screen".  Remember in Portland CHAZ where cops threw chemical gas bombs and people complained it got into their windows?

It starts with a storm.  This is a reference to the Q movement.

 This says that the virus is in the jet stream (sprayed in chemtrails) which is what I have predicted on april 6th (see bottom of post).

Also important to note the goal of all of this is to kill all religion and have the New World Religion which is controlled by the New World Order.

Weaponized Influenza is next, it is waiting in the wings.

Next song to analyze


Song title: Planet 2020


Excerpt from film "Conan the Barbarian" (1982):
Fire and wind come from the sky, from the gods of the sky
Fire and wind struck down these giants, and in the darkness and chaos

Verse 1:
The war drums poundin from historic mountains
Move toward one challenge, reported immortal owlmen
He afforded some talent, 2020 assorted balance
War soldier gun manage every move recorded is standard
Erase blood spilled by gallons, talons rip through drones
Gods never flew low near the ground where the food grows
Controlled lands but move slow, a new world but who knows
They sold plans to 2 pros and old demands that new froze
Humans chose star wars weaponry in staged events
You stay asleep, they in place, to win gotta face the wind
No death outta make 'em live, chemical cave you went in
Light and dark mason gives torture and blame the men
3rd phase is sent, empire strikes back
I send fire and hype tracks, REVOLUTION invites mass
Confusion when lights crash, night vision-supplied mask
The wolf replies fast, add expenses to my stash


Verse 2:
Ancient orders, a predesigned future, no clear vision
Kings create and stear religion, make you fear the system
Storm trooper gear of minions, they premiere precision
World war near collision, a severe decision
Appear with equipment, attack with surprise
More than rap and a rhyme, they're trackin your mind
Machine crackin your spine with no tappin a line
Genocide without battin an eye, DNA barter for life
I carry critical insights and bloodlines of presidents
Warfare residents from strikes on fake evidence
Write a new testament, nuke over night make sediment
The AI hunts the rest of men, destroy, don't question them
We avoid the strikes to live, thrive in hell's winter
Or stop the bomb, deliver with sacred spell benders
Fight or your garden withers, unload shells on sinners
Sights on a modern Hitler, death toll excel the figures

Ok so a lot there.  Firstly I want to say that using "mason" and "new world" and "owlmen" means I know this guy is an insider Mason who has heard these plans before they happened.

"Gods of the sky" refer to alien invasion, which they will use to help usher in the new world order. Also the cover of this album is an alien invasion.

Genocide, trade your DNA for life.  Basically this predicts the vaccine will change your DNA and you have to get it if you want to avoid the genocide.

Those without it will be hunted by AI and you have to avoid the strikes to survive.  

"Hell's winter" refers to the Grand Solar Minimum and mini ice age we are now in. Hell's winter will probably be in 2024 when a volcano blows causing a "year without summer" and a "hell's winter"

"Sights on a modern Hitler", "death toll excels the figures" refers to an Antichrist, coming to America likely in 2024.  The beast is xi jinping of china and the antichrist will usher in the beast system.  I have predicted that the death toll of this worldwide genocide will be greater than NAZI Germany.


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What happened to Assange will be the model they use against all of us who speak out.