"Streaming safe mode" for games or other apps




With the rise of streaming many game companies and other app companies and websites or service companies including internet providers or anyone else, may want their software to be used in streams.  Some companies like Respawn with apex legends wanted to be used so much for tournaments and streaming that they ommited music from their game entirely.

This invention is for a mode in games, apps, websites or any type of software or  service like twitch, youtube, facebook, ISP, or anyone else or hardware including consoles, computers, televisions, phones, tablets, mixers, audio or video output or capture devices, or anything else including analog or digital where there is a "safe mode" for streaming.  It can be called safe mode or anything else or have no name but is a mode where copyright things are not streamed or it notifies or pays or otherwise keeps track of for copyright holders or anyone else when something copyright is used. This mode can be turned on manually, automatically, be permanent, required or otherwise automatic to stream, be integrated with one or more streaming platforms, or any other way.

In this safe mode copyright things are either ommited or switched for non copyright things like royalty free music, videos, games or any other form of content that is not bound by copyright.  Or it simply can keep track of or otherwise facilitate liscencing from copyright holders to happen.

To be clear I do not want this to be done, this open source patent is just so no one company can patent this idea and monopolize legal streaming content.

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