Ripple Snowboard technology for enhanced lift, grip, and reduced drag




This is the design of a ripple snowboard.  Some benefits to this are enhanced lift in snow, and enhanced grip.  It may increase drag a bit from the side view ripples, but the front view ripples (head on) may reduce drag with less contact area with the snow.

The large scale curves are based on v-rocker and flying v designs.  The small scale curves are the ripple that this invention is based on.  They can also be used on any large scale shape of board, from flat, to traditional camber, to offset camber to anything else.  The edges themselves do not need to follow the small scale ripples in the side view, but just the large scale waves (if there are any).

I think the head on view is the most important dimension to give nice smooth turns and should be reverse cambered similar to this.  Also notice the ripples.  Of course the ripples can be used on any base design from traditional flat to anything else.

Here we have my ideal version.  This uses traditional camber to achieve increased pop towards the nose and tail, and reverse camber (v rocker) between the feet to enhance floaty feeling and less tendency to catch an edge.  The front view uses reverse camber to help transitioning from edge to edge to be easy.  There can be flat tunable edges if desired but this design with the small level ripples could make edges obsolete entirely as the ripples would give you grip.

The ripples do not need to be along the entire base, but can be used on certain spots only if desired for any purpose or use or benefit.

These designs may seem harder to do base repair or waxing, but as long as the waxing or base repair iron and scraper had grooves (like a comb) to match the ripples of the board and would be used only in the tip to tail direction, as this is the direction that you are supposed to scrape and wax iron anyway.

The ripples can be any size, shape, or dimension.  Here they are exaggerated for illustration purposes.

This isn't just for snowboards but can be any board that is in contact with a medium, whether that is skiis, sleds, or wakeboards or boats or wings or anything else.

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