What to use and avoid for cancer

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1.  Eliminate sugar - at least added sugar.  Fruits in moderation.

2.  Get enough sleep.

3.  Use lemongrass essential oil in any ways you can.

4.  Use saponins, combo of triterpenoid and steroidal, like ginseng extract with tribulus extract.

5.  Eliminate Choline (like lecithin) and minimize foods high in it like eggs and chicken.

6.  Eliminate red meat. Better to have low iron than high.

7.  Add leafy greens especially kale.  High in Vitamin K.

8.  Get plenty of sunlight.  Body makes Vitamin D.

9.  Take evening primrose oil.  High in GLA (don't use borage, its toxic).

*Optional* 10.  THC is a COX-2 inducer, and may suppress the serrapeptase from serratia bacteria causing the cancer, which is a COX-2 inhibitor.  However COX-2 inhibition might help those who cannot use THC and CBD contains this.

GLA + vitamin K1 would be a great combo in a supplement, perhaps with also a little bit of vitamin D or lauric acid (coconut oil) since this increases HDL which increases vitamin D production.

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