The Jungian MBTi cognitive functions in practical terms

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(Ni) Introverted Intuition- Knowledgeable

(Ne) Extraverted Intuition - Lucky

(Si) Introverted Sensing- Pedantic

(Se) Extraverted Sensing- Ostentatious

(Ti) Introverted Thinking- Intelligent

(Te) Extraverted Thinking- Wise

(Fi) Introverted Feeling- Moral

(Fe) Extraverted Feeling- Caring

Ti + Ne = Understanding 

Fi + Ne = 

Ti + Se =

Fi + Se =

Fe + Ni = Networker

Fe + Si = 

Te + Ni = 

Te + Ni =

Ne + Fi =

Ne +  Ti = 

Se + Ti =

Se + Fi =

Ni + Fe =

Ni + Te =

Si + Fe =

Si + Te =

People leading with decision functions are decisive people.  People leading with perception functions are indecisive.  This is elaborated on more below.

Te or Fe leading -socially decisive, somewhat personally indecisive

Ne or Se leading-socially indecisive, somewhat personally decisive

Ti or Fi leading- personally decisive, somewhat socially indecisive

Ni or Si leading- personally indecisive, somewhat socially decisive

Leading Function.  Leading function is an axis between the two either decision or perception functions.  For example if you lead with Ti you will also have some innate ability in Fi.  Every other function also has this same axis, but it is most pronounced with your leading ones.

Perception -divergent- (S and N)


Decision -convergent- (T and F)

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