Possible way to improve a battery including Voltaic Pile: Capacitance "Capacilyte Pile"




Here is a proposed method to improve power or voltage (or other factors) of a battery or other device that uses electrolyte of any type; including flux capacitors that use plasma or other gaseous electrolyte or any type of electrolyte at all.


In the diagram above we can see that it looks like a standard Voltaic Pile except instead of the negative and positive plate being in contact with each other, we have them separated with a powerful dielectric like barium titanate or similar high dielectric material.  So we have positive and negative separated by electrolyte and dielectric, alternately.  Another option is instead of the dielectric directly separating the two plates, they could simply be insulated from each-other and have a capacitor connecting the two.

Typically a battery for example will dissolve the negative anode and those electrons would flow into the positive plate it is in contact with, and these electrons would get transferred through the electolyte to the negative side and so on until they make it across the entire stack to the negative anode and put through the circuit.   This makes for internal resistance of the pile a big factor in how much power the pile can attain.

In this design we don't need the electrons to flow the entire length of the pile.  The electrolyte polarizes the negative and positive electrodes and charge builds up.  Instead of this charge flowing through the next cell, the charge then helps polarize the next cell across the dielectric and so on until the end of the stack.  In the same way voltage grows by the batteries/capacitors being connected in series.  The maximum voltage able to be attained for the capacilyte pile should be higher than with a typical voltaic pile since there is a voltage gain with each capacitor as well as each battery cell.  Basically more charge can be stored in this pile than in the version without capacitance.

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