How to create a Magnetic Monopole: A Procedure




Once you understand how magnets actually work, it is easy to design a procedure for creating a magnetic monopole.  However using this method the magnet will start becoming less polar if the sister magnet is removed as the magnet will immediately try to equilibrate itself.  Of course Neodymium or other exotic materials will retain monopolarity for longer.

Here is how to create a permanent magnet monopole.

What this picture shows is a simple process to create a two different permanent magnetic monopolar magnets.  Simply wrap a ferromagnetic material (or anything else that can become magnetized) with wire and send current in one direction.  In the case of the above magnet, clockwise.

Next do the same for another piece of material and put this in proximity to, in this picture below, the first magnet.  Put a wire around it and send current in the opposite direction than you did for the first magnet.  The "air gap" between should be as magnetically permeable as possible to allow this system to act as a single magnet while it is being magnetized.  Then replace the magnetically permeable material with something that blocks magnetic fields like bismuth/iron layers to prevent them from reversing eachother.  Then shut off the currents and you should have two monopolar mamgnets.

This theory is based on the notion that during magnetization a magnet tries to become a monopole, but there must be opposing spin in the magnet to reach equilibrium.  In this method we are allowing another magnet to become the opposite spin, so each individual magnet can become a monopole.  Likely the monopole would only last a short time once the second magnet is removed, so measurements would need to be fast before it depolarizes itself.

This method may also be used for making regular magnets, with the top and bottom magnetized opposite to each-other, as this may make for stronger magnets.

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