Ellagic Acid bacteria testing

Taking ellagic acid at more than 1.5g a day (especially at one time) caused a few issues.  First I got heartburn.  I think this is from the ellagic killing off H pylori and leaving bacteria that cause heartburn (these bacteria are neutralized with garlic, likely enterobacteria like ecoli, salmonella, klebsellia, proteus, etc) (probably e coli since that is inhibited most by garlic).  Next after sleeping after taking ellagic I got pressure inside my head in the third eye zone with the characteristic smell in my nasopharanx that I got from taking DMT.  To me this proves pseudomonas infection in the head degrading DMT from REM sleep.  Also pseudomonas seems to cause somach pain like tummy ache when you wake up in the morning.  Mustard and cinnamon neutralizes pseudomonas.  Also I noticed some brain zaps, which is from campylobacter asnd neutralized with ginger.

After taking ellagic, getting heartburn and taking garlic, woke up with stomach ache and took mustard to fight it.  Mustard might have fought pseudomonas. Then got pin prick feelings caused by clostridium.

Another time after taking the mix of ellagic, garlic, ginger, and mustard all those problems went away but I noticed lower back (kidney pain).  This is from temporary blood clots created on my glomeruli in my kidneys.  To combat this I took cranberry powder.  This helped my lower back but caused pin prick sensations which is likely due to clostridium perferingins.  I took tribulus and gynostemma extracts whic target clostridia and this solved the issue.

Also stiff neck from haemophilus cured with cinnqmon or lavender.


  1. Interesting read. Iwonder how much mustard and cinnamon, how often? Thankyou.

    1. We are talking on the order of 500mg to 1g of powder as needed. Capsules can be found on amazon

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