What actually is going on at Skinwalker Ranch

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At least based on the data from aliencon 2020 I have a theory putting together all the pieces of what is happening at Skin-Walker Ranch.

There is something of ET origin buried underground there and and one or more (likely one or two) "aliens" are guarding it.  (I think aliens are actually from our world, they live underground and they are homo capensis aka boskop man)

That is the theory.  It is based on several data points:
1. Digging elicits the "phenomenon"
2. Travis said that they were measuring radiation and gamma rays from a certain point in the sky.  This means that according to my reverse engineering of ET craft that was a UFO using plasma antigravity.  
The craft decloaked itself for a second when they went to launch a rocket towards it.  To me this means the antigravity might be within the ship (like on the TR-3B) and the surface magnetized plasma is for invisibility only.
3. Cattle got spooked when craft decloaked.  This means cattle have been targeted likely for millenia from ET's...ET's have to eat too.
4. Natives likely lived in much closer proximity to ET's but they don't interact with us much nowadays.  Makes sense why the natives would sacrifice to them if they saw them often, and if they were killing cows for food.

5. Ground penetrating radar shows something 1000 ft diameter underground.  This is likely what the ET is protecting.
6. The ET leaves them alone when the security guy is guarding the site.  This is because this man is doing exactly what the ET is doing.  There is a camaraderie.
7. One person is effected at a time.  Likely the ET can direct energy (radiation) at a point on the ground.  Could cause a cow death or human fear - based on effecting the microbes in the gut to overgrow.

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  1. https://www.naturehacker.org/2020/09/what-actually-is-going-on-at-skinwalker.html?m=1

    it's simple
    worldwide,  'alien' and 'E.T.'
    mean the same thing, so
    if aliens ARE boskops,
    (as you begin by saying),
    and E.T.s ARE aliens, then
    E.T.s ARE boskops also,
    and thus NOT E.T.s, at ALL,
    since Boskop men are natives of planet earth, or earthlings, or '("T")s'
    This confusing statement  renders the rest of your theory
    not worth pursuing further since the reader becomes totally confused about every mention of the term 'E.T'.and  'alien' that comes up while reading the rest of it.(and they come up a LOT)
    Who is attacking cows from UFOs? E.T.s? but that means Boskops are using spaceships and surgically dissecting cows.
    ????this theory is a Reject.
    boskops?where did they come from anyway in a discussion of SW ranch? ��


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