Understanding the original egalitarian vision for the Internet

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It is interesting that the person who invented the internet is an avid model train user and the person who invented cryptocurrency is also an avid model train person.

I have been doing some research into what was the original vision of the internet.  Of course Tim Berners-Lee comes up and his recent trying to decentralize the internet by making personal depositories where you can allow or prevent access to platforms of your personal information.  This leads me to think that perhaps Berners-Lee actually isn't the mantle holder for the internet currently as he doesn't seem to carry the true vision it had at conception.

Reading the White Paper of the Internet we can see that Berners-Lee did understand what he was proposing.  Basically he sees the need for a constantly updated, modular, open, linked repository for information.  Basically where each person has ownership of their own URL's and that you would link to other peoples URL's in your own documents.  Also that you would be able to contact people who wrote pages on the internet. And also that you would be able to find what pages link to one in question.

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