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This is an email response I had with a customer so might help others too.


So yes I do have a lot of knowledge on this.  I am actually a Nutritionist by training and have learned much more than what they teach on my own from research and experience.
The secret I have found to loosing weight is eating lots of fiber, especially soluble fiber.  Basically your body is always trying to get rid of excess bile but your body reabsorbs it every time.  Soluble fiber helps get it out of the system.  So whenever I eat lots of oatmeal for example I loose weight.  Another great one is artichoke leaf powder since it contains both soluble fiber and also it causes the body to release extra bile.  Hard to find though.

In terms of the reactions you are seeing, most of it is mediated by gut microbes.  Starches promote growth of certain bacteria, meats other types.  These types are highly responsible for sleep patterns.  You can also modify it with herbal supplements.   For keto I tend to recommend bitters since they  keep the gallbladder clear which tends to get infected in that diet.  Also oregano and garlic seem to suppress the bacteria that infect the gallbladder (klebsellia)

Gluten does seem to be addictive but most of the other problems it causes are from gut microbes, often it seems ones that are suppressed with garlic.  So garlic might help you with some symptoms.

Anyway I hope that gets you started and let me know if you have any more specific questions.


Says they found artichoke extract not powder.


Cool ya the extract should be good but not sure if it has fiber, but you could combine it with a fiber for sure.  Bile is where the cholesterol lies so getting rid of it is the best way to lower it.  Also a friend of mines parent had very high cholesterol and eating lots of raw garlic brought it down 100 points.  Since that is the case, that means bacteria play a big role likely bile digesting bacteria.

The reason I never became a dietician is because I am actually not good at creating plans.  Whether that is dietary plans or treatment plans or the like.  I am the possibility person who finds out new and interesting facts or possibilities that can be tried.

In terms of the optimum diet, it really seems to be a mix of vegetables and grains with some fruits and some meats.  Basically vegetables on the bottom of the pyramid, grains and nuts and seeds a little less than veggies, fruits a little less than grains, and meats a little less or equal to fruits.  To tune it, fruits and meats are good to add when you need energy.

Oh and I wanted to say there is another hidden nutrient.  DNA/RNA.  Fresh foods have lots of good dna and rna which is why eating them makes you feel healthy, not just the vitamins and minerals and macronutrients.  The body actually cuts, absorbs, and recombines dna to use in repairing your cells.  This is a big reason why meats help people feel better if they haven't been eating them in a while, it is because meat is high in DNA.  DNA is stable to heat but RNA isn't so this might be why trying to eat foods only barely cooked can be the best.

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