The "Anti-gravity" Wheel by Veritasium explained correctly

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 Here are the video's:

anti gravity wheel

Explanation (incomplete):


So what is really going on here?

Notice that if you lift something (non spinning) on a scale, the scale weight goes up while you are lifting it. Why?  Because something "gets heavier" when you are accelerating it.  This is because it takes a force to counter gravity and an additional force to accelerate something.  Now when you have the body spinning (in the right direction!) you can use some of that rotational energy (by thrusting it the right way as said in the explanation video) to make it so you do not need to exert that extra upwards force to accelerate it.  You sap some of the rotation (the spinning wheel slows down a bit) and use that energy to accelerate the body upwards without using an upward force to achieve it (you do use some horizontal force in the thrusting outwards).  Basically another way to look at it is the spinning wheel is a machine that converts horizontal force into vertical force.  

Now if you try to move the wheel in the opposite way it gets heavier!  Why is this?  Because your "horizontal thrusting force" instead of sapping energy from the wheel to negate force needed to accelerate it, you are adding energy to the rotation of the wheel instead of lifting it!  So it feels even heavier (and the scale would actually go up as you lift) since the force you are creating is getting sucked into the wheels rotation instead of taking energy out of the wheels rotation, during lifting.

In conclusion the spinning wheel is just a quite complex system which is why the reasoning for why it makes things "feel" the way they do is obfuscated behind multiple layers of complexity.  The conclusion is that lifting a weight the proper way that is spinning actually requires less external force than lifting it not spinning.  This is because you are using up some of the rotational energy of the weight to accelerate it upwards.

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