Plasma Creation: How life is created de-novo on each planet

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We know there are laws of the universe.  These laws lead to certain designs working in nature and certain designs failing.  What if life and lifeforms could be built entirely from scratch relatively easily on every single planet, not just by random chance like evolution?  What if there is a method to create life from basic building blocks?

I will propose that the mechanism to achieve this is plasma.  And I will propose how this all works on every planet.  In my post about how the solar system moves we talk about the solar system being alive and imparting energy to the planets so the whole system can move throughout the cosmos.  I talk about how the planets are formed from waste material in the sun that is created via hot fusion, and it is ejected as a protoplanet.  Then the plasma incoming from the sun creates water, atmosphere, magnetic field, likely the crust of calcium, magnesium, aluminum etc (cold fusion then creating gold and metals higher than iron via hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen telluride dusty plasma).

Now we know the plasma comes in at the poles, and really primarily at the south pole, especially accounting for the aurora being stronger there generally.  We figure the governments or deep state of the world know this and this is why science at these areas is so important.  We also know there are sea's under the ice at the south pole.  We can assume the pressure here is high.  So what if some elementary building blocks in water at high pressures, with plasma creates life over time?  What if this is the recipie for life and it is created competely from scratch on each planet that achieves these conditions (which would be probably reasonably common for stars like ours)?

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