Mitochondria might be damaging invaders in our cells

Mitochondria seem to be ticking time bombs in our cells.  If you don't cater to thier every need and prioritize them then they will turn on you and go haywire creating rampant ROS (reactive oxygen species) as seen in the hundreds of mitochondrial diseases.

Mitochondria are actually bacteria, alphaproteobacteria to be exact.  Many different species of alphaproteobacteria become intracellular "symbionts" of many different organisms from plants to animals and even some protists.

The following may  not be correct as 0lants also use a bacteria (chloroplasts) for photosynthesis so they might be pretty essential.

But what if these bacteria aren't symbionts, they are actually authoritarian overlords, much like the federal reserve, that deem themselves "essential"?  They threaten us that if we don't keep them around they will unleash hell on earth.  What if mitochondria aren't actually essential at all?  The cell can make energy without them, and what if the energy produced by mitochondria cannot be properly assimilated into the body leading to too much energy that makes people not make necessary changes when needed in thier lives, and also when they start to malfunction (become pathogenic) people like many of us get chronic fatigue, diabetes, insomnia, and other issues arising from toxins produced by these bacteria that have invaded our cells?

If there is someone out there crazy enough to attempt to oust their mitochondria, it is me.  I looked up alpha proteobacteria (see references below) and it appears they are neutralized best with thyme essential oil, and secondarily lemongrass and peppermint essential oil.  So I will make a mix of the essential oils and blend them with some ginseng saponins into an emulsion and take it and see what happens.  If I can cure my chronic fatigue and feel clear, we can be pretty sure dysfunctional mitochondria were to blame and these buggers can be tamed with essential oils!

How we adapt or integrate microbes

Proteobacteria in brain and are mitochondria

Sphingomonas alphaproteobacter like mitochondria thyme


Thyme and lemongrass kills sphingomonas (mitochondria)

Peppermint kills rickettsia another alphaproteobacteria like motochondria
P cymene oregano thyme kills mitochondria

Humans chimp hybrids from mitochondria?

Mitochondria cause diabetes

Chemo kills mitochondria (and healthy cells)

Mitochondria may actually be more like martyrs protecting the nucleus from attavk

Cancee cells may use more mitochondria than helthy so targeting them may be beneficial

Cancer cells have more mitochondria

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