How to prove the existance of the Aether: a simple experiment "Aether Fan"

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The interference of light waves is a tenable experiment to prove the aether.  It was carried out in a very rudimentary way in the late 1800's and that train of research was halted by the rise of Einstein, the media darling, who's fame retarded the physical sciences.  He was intuitive and could make interesting connections that people liked, but he was intuitively wrong.  Scientists now gaslight themselves by saying Aether isn't needed to explain physics, yet they have to use dark energy or dark matter (niether of which has any evidence for it) to make things work (huh, sounds a lot like Aether!).

Beyond that experiment something that would prove it in a very concrete way would be to literally build an Aether "fan".  Basically if we knew how to interact with the aether we could make a fan to "blow it" and get a force measurement on the fan.

I have a theory for what the aether is, dark light.  Light that has slowed down to stationary particles, much like a pool of water.  A water wave being a wave of these particles, so too is light in the aether.

How to make the aether fan.

You can interact with these stationary photons by an orbiting magnetic field.  I suppose it would be possible to prove the aether using sophisticated measurements of solar flares or the motion of the sun, but those seem to be hard measurements/models to make.  This would be based on the notion that the sun contains orbiting magnetic fields (aka: spiral magnetic fields) that would interact with the aether.

Or we can just make our own spiral magnetic fields.  In my Magnetic Unity tag we learn reasonably easy ways an aether fan.  A (preferably bismuth) tube with electromagnets in a spiral or otherwise pattern around the inside circumference, and preferably a central magnet or electromagnet.  The center magnet would be on and the electromagnets along the periphery would turn on and off in a "wave" like fasion making a fanblade like sweeping motion around the central magnetic field.  These magnetic fields would connect with the center field, dragging it, and in this spiral sweeping fan blade like motion the aether would be moved.

If we move the aether we should be able to detect a force on the mechanism.  Also we may in fact turn these photons into electrons or even protons, and detect any novel "matter" creation from our device interacting with the aether.  

This is the only viable way to travel through space for long distances.  Aether Traction.


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