How to Create a Breakaway Society: A Guide

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 Firstly those of us who have been mutilated by modern medicine and dentistry will likely need to bring a couple tools with us such as dental extraction tools.  Those unmutilated will not.

To develop a functional human society you need to realize something important.  Humans are not natural.  Humans are artificial hybrids of great apes (primarily bonobos) and boskops (underground dwellers).  Since we are not natural our biology is flawed and needs to be compensated for.  Here are several of these flaws. 
  • Teeth don't match jaw size.  Wisdom teeth
  • Weak stature, tools needed
  • Male foreskin issues, circumcision or other method to compensate for this, but only if issues arise; should not be done indiscriminately!  Tools of iron or flint needed for surgery.
  • Weak immunity, high reliance on herbs and other natural medicine and clean food and water.  Fire or other form of heat needed to kill bacteria or filter it.
  • No fur coat, need clothes, warmth, and shelter
  • Hair and nails keep growing to unnatural lengths.  Cutting and/or filing tools needed.
In addition to that we need to realize the best society is built on the principle of Givism.

The reason we have 80 year lifespans is for one reason only.  Adequate dental hygiene.  We can get to 120 year lifespans for a single reason only.  Adequate oral and gut hygiene.  Therefore oral hygiene needs to be a priority.  Three things are needed.  Brushes or other method to remove plaque on teeth.  Floss or other method to remove plaque between teeth. Teeth powder or other method to remove bacteria during brushing and or flossing.  Oil pulling is a simple method but I don't think it is necessarily fully adequate.

Gut hygiene is easier than oral.  It merely needs acid washed or activated charcoal and herbs.  Silica can also be very helpful such as diatomaceous earth or high silica plant ash like horsetail or bamboo ash.  Potassium is also very helpful and easy to obtain from wood ash.  Chemicals like acids and bases are not necessary for basic medicine but are for advanced medicinal extractions and making and extracting useful compounds.  They can be made quite easily.

We can get 1000 year lifespans for only one reason.  Oral hygiene, gut hygiene, and environment hygiene.  Environment hygiene is extremely difficult to the extent that I'm not sure it is practical in a new society.  Environment hygiene would return an environment back to pre-flood attributes.  Air pressure would need to be high perhaps a few atmospheres, needs research.  Oxygen content of the air would need to be high, around 33-40%.  We would need protection both from earths radiation, the suns radiation, and space radiation.  The pre-flood atmosphere did all these things and we would need to somehow return, at least the environment we spend the most time in, to these values.

First we should talk about the basics of a new society, food, water, shelter.  After those is clothing, fire, and medicine.  For food you don't need meat to be healthy if you don't want.  As long as you have seaweed and other seeds and plant foods you can get every nutrient you need.  Here is an Example (HUMET). In terms of water, it can be made from scratch or it can be easily purified with activated charcoal and calcium or magnesium oxide, both can be easily made from fire and rocks.  Shelter can be made with wood or even clay, lime based cement is also fine and is biodegradable and permeable and natural.  Clothing can be made from plant fibers like cotton or hemp or many others, as well as animal based like wool.  Fire we know can be made from rubbing sticks together, preferably with a bow made with string made from plant or animal fibers.  Also flint and steel work.  Medicine is Herbs and can be used fresh, dried, refluxed for the essential oil with glass and fire, and can also more advanced can be made using herbs or minerals with acids and bases for extractions or synthesis.

The most important physical technology to achieve some of these goals is glass working and furnaces.  With glass (especially quartz glass) you can do pretty much anything.  Beyond glass, wood and cellulose can make pretty much anything with much more toughness than glass.  Presses are needed to transform wood and cellulose into strong forms.   Presses and furnaces likely require iron.  Unalloyed iron, or iron alloyed with only carbon, is quite biodegradable and is not a bad thing to use.  Unalloyed iron can be made extremely strong (called cold iron) however likely presses and perhaps other things like liquid air (which can be made as well) are required to make this.  Unalloyed iron also is the best thing for shielding magnetic fields.

Plasma is another thing that is extremely useful but not necessary for a new society.  To make the best use of plasma, iron and likely bismuth is needed.  Electricity, forging or casting or vapor deposition, wires made from copper or silver or gold (or superconductors that can biodegrade) is also needed. Plasma technology can do so many things among which invisibility, anti-gravity, and so much more.  Electricity needs noble metals which do not degrade well but perhaps can be made in forms that do degrade well as superconductors maintained at low temperatures.  Liquid nitrogen or liquid air can be made and used for that.

Ground transport and flying can be done with genetic work to bring back animals we can use in these capacities or also machines.  If machines, aluminum and magnesium are useful.  These metals also biodegrade quite well.

Batteries and fuel cells are needed for machines and can be done using many forms of batteries based on magnesium or other metals or even noble metal batteries which are the most reusable of the battery types.  Internal combustion is inefficient and fuel cells or battery fuel cell hybrids are preferred ways to use fuels.  Flux capacitors are an advanced power station.

Biopolymers are biodegradable and can be used to help in place of plastics for storage and all sorts of uses.

Space travel has never been achieved by humans and would likely use this technology for a warp drive.

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