Future Fan Design: The Creation of FlappyFan

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 So I have been posting about fan (and wing) design in my "randomization and movement" label for over 3 years now.  However until now I didn't think I could actually design my ideas myself.  But now that I have SolidWorks, and a Youtuber friend who has a fan test bench, I think it is time to actually make my ideas into a working design.

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So here is my preliminary design.  Notice each blade will be different to get not only a flapping forward and back, but at the same time tilting of the blade (changing angle of attack primarily towards the tip), and also extra flapping forward and backward of the wing tip.  Also a raised pyramid pattern will likely be best on the leading face of the blade as from triboelectrics we know this gives the most energy, so the square pyramid structure increases drag higher than any other shape.  Dimples or things that reduce drag will actually hurt us at least on the leading face of the design, but may help on the trailing face to reduce drag there.  You always want to increase drag on the bottom (forward) face and lower drag on the trailing face to improve lift and therefore fan power.

Front view:

Profile view:

Side View:

Top View

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