Erin Valenti "We are in the Matrix" likely died of Serotonin syndrome

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 There are many possibilities with the Erin Valenti case.  However the root cause was undoubtedly serotonin syndrome which can be deadly.  The reasons for this is the way she was talking which includes "epiphanies" which is seen in the manic phase of bipolar which is caused from elevated serotonin. Her epiphany was "it's all a game, a thought experiment.  We are in the Matrix." This behavior/thoughts are also seen in hypoglycemia which is linked to serotonin syndrome.  "Grand plans" are another symptom of these two conditions in addition to "epiphanies" and she had this symptom in that she said she was going to start a whole new venture when she got home (she already had a business).  Also this is supported by the fact that serotonin syndrome (and hypoglycemia) can be deadly, explaining the sudden death.

The thing that needs explaining is how could this happen to a young woman like this without any drugs found in her system?  For one, she could have taken an MAOI or eaten a MAOI containing food.  These likely wouldn't show up on drug tests but cannot cause serotonin syndrome on their own.

There is likely a perfect storm of things happening at once to give her serotonin syndrome.  Most likely are eating an MAOI food (fish or aged or fermented meats and cheese) in combination with bipolar disorder, lack of sleep, and a gut infection.  Often I have noticed that gut health deteriorates faster than anything else while traveling and is a huge issue.  Bipolar disorder is self explanatory and causes increases of serotonin during the manic phase.  This manic phase coupled with rich aged foods she might have eaten with friends in silicon valley, combined with lack of sleep, combined with gut infection while traveling (likely of bacillus cerus bacteria which cause serotonin binding cereulide, this should have caused loose stool if it was the case), perhaps combined with dehydration and you have something that may have killed her.  Also low blood sugar could have played a part.  Hypoglycemia is linked with serotonin syndrome and from my personal experience, hypoglycemia can be a major cause of mania (serotonin syndrome).

So that is very likely what happened.  Perhaps poor blood sugar control, coupled with bipolar disorder, coupled with lack of sleep, coupled with gut infection with bacillus, coupled with eating aged foods, could have been enough to send her over the edge.

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