Cataracts likely caused by Mycoplasma Bacteria fixed with Garlic and Eucalyptus

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 Appears to be mycoplasma, eucalyptus essential oil and garlic powder (not aged) capsules.  Broad spectrum antibiotics apparently do not kill it so these natural options may be best.  Can apply vicks vapor rub around the eyes (careful not to get in eyes) and the eycalyptus oil should help neutralize the bacteria causing the damage.  Also this is a good prevention.

My notes:

gram pos cocci

rods and cocci golfball cararactous lenses aerobic

are morphologically simi- lar to obligate intracellular pathogens of the order Chlamydiales, the
order Rick- ettsiales, and small bacterial bacilli (3). It … 1) in the insoluble pro- tein fraction of human
cataractous lenses and confirm the unpublished suggestion of its presence in such

possible diptheroid

while explaining the bac- tericdical action of the short, waves does not, however, explain the
fact that fluorescent bacteria are more resistant … by the salts of calcium and magnesium and by
sodium silicate, substances found to be greatly increased in human cataractous lenses, so

golfball cwdf figure 1 mycoplasma? sensitive to solvents (eucalyptus?)

mycoplasma causitive agent!  Resistant to broad spectrum antibiotics and unculturable.


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