Amber Light Therapy using Operation Blue Beam Faraday Effect

I have been inspired to consider amber light therapy.  I had the notion of it used as a deeply penetrating light with good effect, and the color is beautiful.  The problem is amber light therapy does not penetrate deeply into the skin or body.

However I have been researching potential operation blue beam technology that could produce this in the sky:


I think the answer to the technology that can create lights in the sky without trails like would be created by spotlights, is polarization of light.  Since scattering of light in the atmosphere off dust polarizes light, it would stand to reason that pre-polarizing the light would at very least reduce scattering in the atmosphere. Even circular polarization can be used.  Polarized light can be broken into right circularly polarized and left circularly polarized light and even recombined.  This possibility was first discovered in the Faraday Effect.  I figure that these polarization's have the ability to prevent most of the scattering of the light off of dust in the atmosphere producing invisible beams of light until they have their polarization's either recombined or hit something like a cloud.  But the video above shows it in the sky and not projected on a cloud.

Anyway, I think we can use, if nothing else, standard linear polarization for light to penetrate more deeply into the body or other medium via reducing the scattering of the light upon penetration.  I think circular polarized light has even more potential and perhaps the ability to focus the light deep inside the body/  These ideas can be used for any reason including treatment of cancer. tumor, infections and abcesses, energy, and any other uses for health or technology like 3D printing and anything else.  And of course polarization's can be used in typical red light therapy and other uses I have defined selecting for aerobic microbes or improving metabolism. a recipe for it, and medical uses for red light therapy.  Also of course amber light therapy and especially what I will call Penetrating Amber Light Therapy (PALT) can be used for the same and/or similar uses.  Interference recombination focusing (IRF) can also be used for things like special medical treatments or things like 3D printing or anything like it where certain frequencies are needed to make a resin harden, and the interference of polarized or unpolarized wavelengths can be used to get that specific frequency at an interior point in the medium.

Another option is "light beats" we can call them Bichromic Beats.  What this would entail is a beat frequency that can penetrate the material but the internal frequency being higher.  Just like beats in sound (binaural beats)



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