A (maybe not) Real Perpetual Motion Device. I'm serious. (I didn't invent this)

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*EDIT* I am now not so sure this would work, because the longer the column of water the more pressure it has at the bottom.  You have to overcome this pressure to insert the ball and overcoming this pressure might take more energy than what you get from the buoyancy at a given depth.  You can always add water to the top of the column after the ball is in the water, but that takes moving water which takes energy
We know we can get perpetual motion from a solar panel (as long as the device is functional).  This doesn't make us angry because we realize the energy is coming from somewhere, in this case solar energy.  Great. 
 I invented my own perpetual motion device years ago, it uses the wobble of the earth to power it.  This also will work however the wobble of the earth is so small it likely isn't all that profitable to take advantage of.
So what makes us think that we can't use the force of graity to create perpetual motion?  We absolutely can.
Gravity acts on a body downwards.  We can easily capture this to power generators, this is how hydroelectricty works.
But we can't use gravity to raise the water back up to make it fall again right?  Wrong.  Buoyancy allows us to bring the object back up to the top.
If we have one person on a tower dropping balls down an empty tube and a generator using that to generate electricity, there could be a person at the bottom with a tube of water that goes up.  He puts the ball in the tube of water and the force of gravity causes the ball to rise in the tube of water due to buoyancy.  This means we use gravity to generate electricity as the ball falls, then use buoyancy (also gravity) to raise the ball back up to the top to complete another cycle.
The only downside is that the tube of water needs to be sealed at the bottom so the water doesn't spill out.  Basically a hatch will need to be opened to get the ball into the tube of water.
That's it!  Free electricity using gravity.
For future development, spinning and orbiting bodies may also be able to capture energy from the force due to gravity, perhaps even a model that looks similar to a solar system...

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