What actually is going on at Skinwalker Ranch

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At least based on the data from aliencon 2020 I have a theory putting together all the pieces of what is happening at Skin-Walker Ranch.

There is something of ET origin buried underground there and and one or more (likely one or two) "aliens" are guarding it.  (I think aliens are actually from our world, they live underground and they are homo capensis aka boskop man)

That is the theory.  It is based on several data points:
1. Digging elicits the "phenomenon"
2. Travis said that they were measuring radiation and gamma rays from a certain point in the sky.  This means that according to my reverse engineering of ET craft that was a UFO using plasma antigravity.  
The craft decloaked itself for a second when they went to launch a rocket towards it.  To me this means the antigravity might be within the ship (like on the TR-3B) and the surface magnetized plasma is for invisibility only.
3. Cattle got spooked when craft decloaked.  This means cattle have been targeted likely for millenia from ET's...ET's have to eat too.
4. Natives likely lived in much closer proximity to ET's but they don't interact with us much nowadays.  Makes sense why the natives would sacrifice to them if they saw them often, and if they were killing cows for food.

5. Ground penetrating radar shows something 1000 ft diameter underground.  This is likely what the ET is protecting.
6. The ET leaves them alone when the security guy is guarding the site.  This is because this man is doing exactly what the ET is doing.  There is a camaraderie.
7. One person is effected at a time.  Likely the ET can direct energy (radiation) at a point on the ground.  Could cause a cow death or human fear - based on effecting the microbes in the gut to overgrow.


A Holy Grail PoW for Monero outlined (GNFS)

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This is a repost from reddit, see it here with the comments:


**EDIT: Quantum computing calculations have been updated and are now correct. Also at the bottom points #2 and #3 have been made to address concerns that the largest mining pool would always win since there is much less random luck in getting proper factors as opposed to current finding the nonce of the hash...meaning that cooperation in this idea would increase the speed of finding the block above that of simple competition. Currently in cryptocurrencies competition is just as fast as cooperation (at least so we think).**

Some of you may be afraid of Quantum Computers being an ASIC on CPU mining. This post isn't about this topic but I will address it first.

The Monero blockchain can currently factor a 745 bit number in 2 minutes (approx).

According to this post a 745 bit number needs 1492 (2n+2) clean logical qubits (which are very hard to achieve, each qubit is exponentially harder to add than the last) and would take around 2 trillion T gates. Looking at the history of quantum computers, this is probably decades off imo, quantum computers can only run for a few microseconds currently as well. By the time we get there the monero blockchain can probably beat it. A million or so noisy qubits might be more practical and also at least decades off of course.

Here is what I believe to be the Holy Grail to Mining and also I will present some alternatives to this which will have a more precisely adjustable difficulty but I don't think that is needed.

Factoring a large number over 100 digits is well known to not benefit significantly from parallelization such as GPU's, FPGA's, and ASIC's. As I explained above, quantum computers are also out of the running for the foreseeable future. The cool thing about this is that there can be moderate speedup by piggybacking a GPU and CPU since the GPU can support the General Number Field Sieve (GNFS) function of the CPU. This is extra beneficial since consumer hardware always has at least one of each but specialized chips, including IoT device botnets do not.

To implement this in Monero we would start with roughly 745 bits which is 225 decimal digits which would currently take about 1.9 minutes on the monero blockchain. If we bumped that up to 226 digits or 748 bits, this would take around 2.1 minutes. So I think this method is just fine in how precise difficulty adjustment will be by just changing the number of digits we are factoring. If we wanted more precision we could try to factor numbers in binary which would give about 5x more precision on difficulty adjustments. I will outline an even more precise possibility at the end of this post.

So the idea is this. We present a 225 digit (adjustable) number to the monero blockchain. The first person (miner) to present the prime factorization of that number wins the block. It is just about that simple. In order to prevent really fast blocks for numbers that happened to be prime or near prime, we can require that any answer to win a block must not contain any factors larger than 113 digits (225/2). This requirement just means that no "really easy" to factor numbers slip in. If an answer is presented to the blockchain that contains prime factors larger than this limit, then a new number is hashed for everyone to work on (this is a point of potential abuse since if a miner finds that the factorization doesn't meet the requirements he could work on the next hash before releasing that info to the public. Somehow we would need to figure out how to prevent this (**EDIT point #2 at the bottom of this post addresses it**). To generate a number we can use Skein-1024 (or SHA-1024) and truncate to the amount of digits we need.

I think that is pretty much it.


Asic, Gpu, FPGA Safe and as Quantum resistant as you can hope for, I say we cross that quantum bridge when we get there.

Simple easy to understand basic concept that has proven itself over decades of research to favor CPU.

Even more favorable is 1 GPU + 1 CPU = 1 Vote which will help disincentivize botnets and crazy big CPU's and favor APU's which are the current consumer standard (or a enthusiast CPU plus an enthusiast GPU).

miner design will contain no surprises since GNFS programs have been written for decades both for CPU and CPU/GPU combo


Very different from what we are used to which are cryptographic hashing functions.

Mining software would have to be developed, as well as the code of the PoW will need to be written from scratch.

Difficulty adjustment will be not quite so easy or precise and will require new difficulty adjustment algorithms.

Let me know your input on this idea and if you agree it could be a PoW that lasts monero decades instead of months.


  1. To get even more difficulty adjustability we could use larger numbers and just require one or more factors to be presented, not prime factors. So say we ask for one 113 digit long factor of a 300 digit number. The length of the number and the length of the factor required can be both adjusted. Also the number of factors could be changed too. So to raise difficulty of this very slightly we could require both a 100 digit factor and a 113 digit long factor of a 300 digit number. since we aren't looking for prime factors in this version, almost every number will have at least one potential factor of these sizes. But still this version should need GNFS sieve and trial division would take much much much longer.

  2. Another possibility is releasing 10 or more numbers at a time and as soon as any single number gets factored, then all 10 expire and the block is won. This will allow mining groups to "audit" the numbers and select one that will complete the requirements (no factors larger than 1/2 of the bit number size). Also there is more random chance that one number of the bunch could be factored faster negating the "largest mining pool always wins" issue brought up in the comments by sech1.

  3. Another option is turning the coin code into one large pool that delegates sub-tasks to individual pools or miners. This would also be a method to address the concerns brought up by sech1.

Potential starts for mining software:





How to prove the existance of the Aether: a simple experiment "Aether Fan"

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The interference of light waves is a tenable experiment to prove the aether.  It was carried out in a very rudimentary way in the late 1800's and that train of research was halted by the rise of Einstein, the media darling, who's fame retarded the physical sciences.  He was intuitive and could make interesting connections that people liked, but he was intuitively wrong.  Scientists now gaslight themselves by saying Aether isn't needed to explain physics, yet they have to use dark energy or dark matter (niether of which has any evidence for it) to make things work (huh, sounds a lot like Aether!).

Beyond that experiment something that would prove it in a very concrete way would be to literally build an Aether "fan".  Basically if we knew how to interact with the aether we could make a fan to "blow it" and get a force measurement on the fan.

I have a theory for what the aether is, dark light.  Light that has slowed down to stationary particles, much like a pool of water.  A water wave being a wave of these particles, so too is light in the aether.

How to make the aether fan.

You can interact with these stationary photons by an orbiting magnetic field.  I suppose it would be possible to prove the aether using sophisticated measurements of solar flares or the motion of the sun, but those seem to be hard measurements/models to make.  This would be based on the notion that the sun contains orbiting magnetic fields (aka: spiral magnetic fields) that would interact with the aether.

Or we can just make our own spiral magnetic fields.  In my Magnetic Unity tag we learn reasonably easy ways an aether fan.  A (preferably bismuth) tube with electromagnets in a spiral or otherwise pattern around the inside circumference, and preferably a central magnet or electromagnet.  The center magnet would be on and the electromagnets along the periphery would turn on and off in a "wave" like fasion making a fanblade like sweeping motion around the central magnetic field.  These magnetic fields would connect with the center field, dragging it, and in this spiral sweeping fan blade like motion the aether would be moved.

If we move the aether we should be able to detect a force on the mechanism.  Also we may in fact turn these photons into electrons or even protons, and detect any novel "matter" creation from our device interacting with the aether.  

This is the only viable way to travel through space for long distances.  Aether Traction.



Amber Light Therapy using Operation Blue Beam Faraday Effect

I have been inspired to consider amber light therapy.  I had the notion of it used as a deeply penetrating light with good effect, and the color is beautiful.  The problem is amber light therapy does not penetrate deeply into the skin or body.

However I have been researching potential operation blue beam technology that could produce this in the sky:


I think the answer to the technology that can create lights in the sky without trails like would be created by spotlights, is polarization of light.  Since scattering of light in the atmosphere off dust polarizes light, it would stand to reason that pre-polarizing the light would at very least reduce scattering in the atmosphere. Even circular polarization can be used.  Polarized light can be broken into right circularly polarized and left circularly polarized light and even recombined.  This possibility was first discovered in the Faraday Effect.  I figure that these polarization's have the ability to prevent most of the scattering of the light off of dust in the atmosphere producing invisible beams of light until they have their polarization's either recombined or hit something like a cloud.  But the video above shows it in the sky and not projected on a cloud.

Anyway, I think we can use, if nothing else, standard linear polarization for light to penetrate more deeply into the body or other medium via reducing the scattering of the light upon penetration.  I think circular polarized light has even more potential and perhaps the ability to focus the light deep inside the body/  These ideas can be used for any reason including treatment of cancer. tumor, infections and abcesses, energy, and any other uses for health or technology like 3D printing and anything else.  And of course polarization's can be used in typical red light therapy and other uses I have defined selecting for aerobic microbes or improving metabolism. a recipe for it, and medical uses for red light therapy.  Also of course amber light therapy and especially what I will call Penetrating Amber Light Therapy (PALT) can be used for the same and/or similar uses.  Interference recombination focusing (IRF) can also be used for things like special medical treatments or things like 3D printing or anything like it where certain frequencies are needed to make a resin harden, and the interference of polarized or unpolarized wavelengths can be used to get that specific frequency at an interior point in the medium.

Another option is "light beats" we can call them Bichromic Beats.  What this would entail is a beat frequency that can penetrate the material but the internal frequency being higher.  Just like beats in sound (binaural beats)




Mitochondria are seriously challenging my worldview

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First I thought that mitochondria were bacteria that were engulfed by eucaryotic cells in the course of evolution or creation and that they no longer were bacteria.  At that point I loved mitochondria.  Then I found out that, no, they actually were still bacteria, alphaproteobacteria exactly.  At this point my worldview became very challenged.  The past 8 or so years I have been systematically killing off all the bacteria in my gut and elsewhere in the body.  This experience has had far more positive effects than negative, and coupled with germ-free research that shows 50% enhanced lifespans, I was living proof that humans don't need bacteria to survive and thrive.  So when I learned mitochondria were basically intracellular bacteria that instead of being peacefully "taken up" or "given" to our cells as a gift, they might have forcibly gained entry and put our cells into submission like a conquering ruler, I saw an invader that needed to be extinguished.  Also this notion was supported by mitochondrial eve which I thought meant that humans did not have mitochondria before this event, perhaps the eating of infected fruit in the garden of eden.

However somewhere in the middle of these two extremes is most likely.  Mitochondrial eve may just have been a moment where only 1 woman survived.  Mitochondrial eve might not be eve at all but Noah's wife.  If this is true getting infected with mitochondria might not have been the fall of humanity, but a gift given much earlier in our development.  This view is also supported by the fact plants have their own endosymbionts called chloroplasts, which we would be quite hard pressed to say that all plants could survive without them.

So we may just have some primitive pets in our cells.  Pets that can easily get rabies and hurt us very dearly.  Cancer cells have more mitochondria so an overgrowth of them could be very harmful.  We also know that mitochondria can cause insulin resistance by how they respond oxidative to elevated blood sugar (see my previous post on this for a list of references).  Killing off mitochondria periodically might actually be a good strategy to promote a healthier population of the buggers, but trying to go mitochondria free like I went germ free might not be a winning strategy.  I don't like pets but this one looks like a pet I am stuck with.

We will see as we discover more.


Mitochondria might be damaging invaders in our cells

Mitochondria seem to be ticking time bombs in our cells.  If you don't cater to thier every need and prioritize them then they will turn on you and go haywire creating rampant ROS (reactive oxygen species) as seen in the hundreds of mitochondrial diseases.

Mitochondria are actually bacteria, alphaproteobacteria to be exact.  Many different species of alphaproteobacteria become intracellular "symbionts" of many different organisms from plants to animals and even some protists.

The following may  not be correct as 0lants also use a bacteria (chloroplasts) for photosynthesis so they might be pretty essential.

But what if these bacteria aren't symbionts, they are actually authoritarian overlords, much like the federal reserve, that deem themselves "essential"?  They threaten us that if we don't keep them around they will unleash hell on earth.  What if mitochondria aren't actually essential at all?  The cell can make energy without them, and what if the energy produced by mitochondria cannot be properly assimilated into the body leading to too much energy that makes people not make necessary changes when needed in thier lives, and also when they start to malfunction (become pathogenic) people like many of us get chronic fatigue, diabetes, insomnia, and other issues arising from toxins produced by these bacteria that have invaded our cells?

If there is someone out there crazy enough to attempt to oust their mitochondria, it is me.  I looked up alpha proteobacteria (see references below) and it appears they are neutralized best with thyme essential oil, and secondarily lemongrass and peppermint essential oil.  So I will make a mix of the essential oils and blend them with some ginseng saponins into an emulsion and take it and see what happens.  If I can cure my chronic fatigue and feel clear, we can be pretty sure dysfunctional mitochondria were to blame and these buggers can be tamed with essential oils!

How we adapt or integrate microbes

Proteobacteria in brain and are mitochondria

Sphingomonas alphaproteobacter like mitochondria thyme


Thyme and lemongrass kills sphingomonas (mitochondria)

Peppermint kills rickettsia another alphaproteobacteria like motochondria
P cymene oregano thyme kills mitochondria

Humans chimp hybrids from mitochondria?

Mitochondria cause diabetes

Chemo kills mitochondria (and healthy cells)

Mitochondria may actually be more like martyrs protecting the nucleus from attavk

Cancee cells may use more mitochondria than helthy so targeting them may be beneficial

Cancer cells have more mitochondria

Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency caused or exacerbated by Pseudomonas

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Pseudomonas bacteria inactivate Alpha-1 antitrypsin.  This may actually be the cause or at very least an exacerbating factor to developing disease such as lung or liver disease.

Pseudomonas bacteria is inactivated with cinnamon powder capsules or preferably cinnamon essential oil.  A few drops can be taken orally or diffused in the room to breathe.

Also Augmentation therapy for A1ATD patients decreases haemophilus bacteria and increases staph aureus, so since haemophilus is reduced with cinnamon, the cinnamon could improve this factor as well.


Quantaclast Technology: Compressing a Quantum Medium with Tentacool

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Quantaclast is a technology that can be applied to anything interacting with a medium.  From propeller blades, to fan blades, to wings, sails, floats, hydrofoils, or anything else, even magnetic unity fields with aether or plasma.  If you use as much of this discovery as you can in your product I ask that you to please use the term Quantaclast somewhere your product description and we can be free partners in keeping your product incorporating the best implementation of the technology possible.

All mediums are quantum in nature when tested from inside that continuous medium.  Some materials are quantum on extremely long time scales like glass or amorphous metals  I even believe crystal structure is quantum also over long time periods atoms can move around.  We already know that electrons in metals and crystals are quantum.  Water droplets behave in a Newtonian way (more like advanced newtonian physics), even the surface of a medium behaves in a newtonian way (brownian motion) but when you are within that continuous medium, even if there are interactions between the molecules like hydrogen bonds, the medium still behaves in a quantum way.  Superconductors and quantum computers actually work because the continuous medium they operate in is extremely low quantum, not high quantum.  They severely limit how many states the atoms can assume leading to interesting properties.  In the case of superconductors, putting the atoms in a state of extremely low quantum, can allow the electrons to exibit higher quantum, since the atoms vibrations don't limit the electron's ability to travel.  Superfluids on the other hand are extremely high quantum materials like helium, condensed into a liquid.  So even though the supercooled and condensed helium is much less quantum than it is as a gas; still as a fluid it has much higher quantum than nearly any other possible fluid.

What is quantum, really?  I am going to define quantum in the opposite way as it was first described and opposite to what the word means.  Perhaps I should adopt a new word that means the opposite of quantum, Reliqum (rest) or the word protoplasm, perhaps in a future article. Quantum was first described as quanta of light.  Quanta and quantum means a quantifiable state.  The way I see the quantum world is quite opposite to that, and many people also view it like I do.  A world of infinite possibilities and that atomic and subatomic particles behave in a totally free inertia-less state.  So much of quantum mechanics is how to make this quantum state more deterministic, like quantum entanglement, or the Quanta of Light, and light is just surface phenomenon (waves) of a sea of Aether.  These examples are the reduction of the freedom of a medium and makes it more deterministic and Newtonian.  So perhaps the way Quantum began was as the ways in which we can turn a "non-newtonian/non-deterministic" matter into a Newtonian/deterministic matter. The way I use the word quantum in this article is analogous to "freedom" of a medium.  A material is in a fully quantum state if it is completely free to go and do as it chooses.  Hydrogen bonding water molecules in water are in a quantum state, continuously breaking and reforming.  The water molecules are free to immediately go in whichever direction has the least resistance, they are not bound by inertia.  This obviously applies also to gasses.  Humans and human interactions can also be quantum, but this is besides the scope of this article.  Again in this article I use quantum as freedom and intertia-less state.  Perhaps the word Reliqum would be a better suited word but for now we will continue to use quantum as the opposite of newtonian.  So a highly quantum medium in this article means a more free, less deterministic, medium.  I see the quantum world as a sea of infinite possibilities where a particle that is a part of that sea is in a "flow state" where it's movement is energy-less.  Take the particle out of the sea and it has mass and inertia, but when it is in that sea it does not.

Quantaclast is a method for stratifying this quantum material into a less quantum and more quantum material, that is to say to make the molecules both less free and more free in different locations.  Clast-ifying or cementing the molecules together for the purpose of moving them.  This is achieved by keeping quantum state high within/before the system but decreasing the quantum state at exhaust.  It is this differential or polarization of quantum levels in a medium that causes us to be able to move the medium via equalization or the system seeking equlibrium.  We can look at this as foreign bodies in the media are repelled by low quantum areas (high inertia of the media) and attracted to high quantum areas (low inertia of the medium).

You can't move quantum materials.  They are free so you can't move them.  Move your finger slowly through water and notice the water molecules go right back where they started.  Do the same in air.  The only way we can move these mediums is to do something to them that makes them less quantum.  One way this is done by locally compressing the medium.  Compressing the medium locally makes that piece of the media "less quantum" relative to the rest of the medium, so it can be moved relative to the other medium.  Another way is to introduce other mediums into the medium.  For example introducing air into water allows you to introduce density and hydrogen bonding differentials allowing you to move the water via making the flow much more turbulent.  Laminar flow is higher quantum than turbulent flow.

Compressing the medium locally can be achieved mechanically, chemically, electrically, magnetically, thermodynamically, or any other method.  Turbines, fans, sails, wings, etc all achieve this mechanically or at least primarily mechanically.  A way to do it electrically is to charge the surface of the wing/blade.  A way to do it chemically is to coat the surface of the wing or blade with oxidizers or reducing agents.  I think the way to achieve this is we want the "bottom or forward" aspect that is engaging the medium to oxidize or steal electrons from the medium and the "top backward" aspect to reduce or give electrons.  Kind of a wax-on wax-off effect, ultimately our goal is to achieve maximum quantum polarization to achieve max thrust.  Electrons are a primary factor in how quantum a material can behave.  More electrons = more quantum, generally.  Hydrogen or other bonds within a material might structure water more near an electron source but this structured water likely would still behave in a more quantum way.  Thermodynamically it would be best to cool the front/bottom face of a blade and heat the top/back surface.  Hotter mediums are more quantum and colder mediums are less quantum.  The reason for this is hot atoms quicker to respond to variations in their vicinity and rejecting interactions with their other atoms, increasing their quantum nature.  Hot areas also reduce in pressure which is also a more quantum state.  A jet engine mechanically taking slow, laminar air intake (high quantum) and exhausting fast turbulent air (low quantum).  Turbulent flow is less quantum since they have inertia.

So slowing air down before intake into a fan is generally better than speeding it up since the slower air is more quantum (laminar and low inertia), but you do not want to restrict the flow in order to achieve slower air.  You can also think of it like the more you accelerate the air, the more lift or thrust you can get from that process, you can't accelerate air much if it is moving fast to begin with in the direction the fan would ultimately blow it.  As an example however imagine the fan is blowing downward and air moving in the opposite direction than the direction the fan would blow it (upward), this could increase the amount the blade accelerates the air leading to more thrust produced.  This can be explained by feeding air up to the fan from the exhaust area keeps the air above the fan in maximum pro-quantum state possible since the air above the fan is maximally quantumized (lowest pressure/velocity/inertia relative to the bottom) and foreign bodies are attracted to high quantum areas so the fan will more easily move up.  Also you are automatically making the area below the fan less quantumized by pressurizing it so the fan will naturally more easily move up since foreign bodies are repelled from relatively low quantum areas.  However if the goal you have is not to move the fan but rather blow air downwards to cool something, then blowing air upwards to the fan would be counter productive.

The reason why fans get less efficient as they run is that local airspeed at the intake picks up (thus the medium gains inertia/momentum and is therefore less quantum) and lowers efficiency (I will term this as the medium is "adapting").  Having a staggered air intake improves this by not always pulling air in the same locations and directions, allowing the ambient air before the intake to be more quantum.  Also after the air leaves the fan blade and goes toward the exhaust we want it to gain momentum and become turbulent to make it less quantum.  More quantum before we interact with it and less quantum after we interact with it is the best state of affairs.  Another way to look at this is keeping the "ambient" quantum level as polarizable as possible means that our lowering the quantum level by the front/bottom of the blade can "push" the de-quantumized medium more - relative to the high quantum medium maintained by the backside of the blade and the medium that has not yet reached the blade.

Even though we want the back/top side of the blade to be higher quantum, doesn't this mean we want the blade to be pulled that direction?  The answer to this is basically yes.  The perpendicular direction of the backside of the blade should always have some vector pointed in the direction we want to go.  Wouldn't creating cavitation on that side which is a vacuum pull us in that direction even more?  No because the turbulent flow in this area is actually higher quantum.

I believe non-newtonian fluids can also be explained using this quantum understanding (quantum mechanics).  Before we talked about how oxidizing a material makes it less quantum and reducing it makes it more quantum.  Sheer thickening fluids can easily be made from oxidizing a material, whether that is activated charcoal or magnesium oxide in water.  When you oxidize the material you are removing electrons; and shearing the oxidized fluid brings the molecules closer together and they interact more and stick to eachother creating this shear thickening.  This makes sense that vibration/shear would reduce the quantum in this way and bring molecules to interact with eachother.  Types of materials in addition to oxidized are also highly hydrogen bonding materials that will hydrogen bond more when the molecules get closer together like highly branched starch molecules (oobleck).  Oxidation improves hydrogen bonding.  However shear thinning fluids are seemingly the opposite, the more you shake them the thinner they get.  These typically contain fiber and sugars.  Fiber is much more densly packed and doesn't form random hydrogen bonds nearly as much as starch.  Also their is usually sugars present in the mixture as well which donate electrons.  This allows for more "sliding" of the reducing sugars along the cellulose fibers allowing for a more quantum state even with closer interactions.  This is because there is an electron donor increasing quantum.  So in reality all things bieng the same, shearing a medium decreases quantum, but if you have electron donors, relative movement may free electrons making your material less quantum.  So in conclusion, we can oxidize the front of the blade and donate electrons to the rear of our blade to get the benefits of shear thickening on the front of the blade to reduce quantum and shear thinning on the rear of it to increase quantum.

Let's use my recent invention, the Tentacool 120mm Noctua NF-A12x25 Compatible Fan design, as an example of how we can more efficiently force air molecules to compress and interact with each-other mechanically.  We can call this "Quantum Fan Design".  Even though this design looks childish and primitive - looks like it is made out of playdoh - it is actually highly advanced. 

The blades are hollow, which allows us to achieve a sweeping backside to prevent separation of flow (prevents the reduction of quantum level on the backside) as seen in the picture below, while keeping a very steep front face.  The front face on this design has a variable (oscillating) angle of attack on a given cross-section.  Also this design does not currently vary angle attack according to cross-sectional distance from the hub, but ideally in the future it will be.  You want a higher angle of attack closer to the hub and a lower angle of attack further from the hub generally, but oscillations along this path are also good as to create a flapping effect along the length of the blade.  This is because closer to the hub the bladespeed is slower so less risk of cavitation and stalling.  In this tentacool cross-section seen below the average angle of attack of the front face is 60 degrees.  This would cause typical fan blades to stall but the variable angle of attack of the cross-section combined with the separate sweeping back prevents this.  The angle of attack starts low at the top to capture more air but then escalates. The substantial rounded bottom and sweeping backside of the blade allows the ambient un-dequantumized air to more freely go around the blade on the backside making the back maintain as much quantum state as possible so the next blade can attempt to de-quantumize it. The front oscillates the air as it travels down the face which leads to higher compression of the air molecules together and therefore less quantum state.  The golden ratio can ideally be used to cause this progressive oscillation down the face.  Media like air can be oscillated faster without cavitation, but media with internal bonds like hydrogen bonds cannot be oscillated quite as fast without introducing cavitation.  In other words - blades designed for water would have less sharp oscillations.

In addition to moving down along the front face of the blade, in the case of a fan (or a wing to some extent) the air also moves outward.  We can also compress the air along this journey to further de-quantumize it.  Notice in the picture below as the air moves from the right (base) of the blade to the left (tip) it is again oscillated with the golden ratio escalation of oscillation.  Also instead of being flung off the bladetip into the fan body, the forward scoop on this design helps keep the air compressed and further compresses it so the angle of attack can direct it downward, therefore giving even more lift (airflow in the case of a fan).

The next few factors factors are based on an important aspect to consider for maintaining a differential in quantum state.  Randomization.  If the blades are all the same and equally angled and spaced and equal angle of attack, the air will cavitate at higher RPMs since the air at the intake has become too de-quantumized (high turbulent speed, high inertia).  Remember we want intake air more quantum and exhaust air less quantum. That is not to say we want the intake to be as high quantum as possible, a vacuum would be highest quantum and we know a fan cannot work in a vacuum.  What we want is an ambient quantum level that is the most easily polarizable.  We want us to tune the blade design to be able to take a relatively high quantum medium and convert it into a relatively low quantum medium.  This quantum differential should be maximized for highest possible power or thrust to be generated.

The blade design shown above also has the benefit of not cutting a straight line in the air at the top of the blade but a swervy line that is not matched with the next blade.  This helps each blade to capture new (non-dequantumized) air.  In addition to being horizontally swervy like the picture above, vertical swerviness would also be great to capture more non-dequantumized air, but that would require a 2-axis loft which I don't know if solidworks can do currently.  Leading and trailing edge "bumpyness" helps air stay high quantum when making sharp turns.  The reason for this seems to be that the bumps generate vorticies which may seem like it would decrease quantum, but in reality has a net effect of keeping quantum high by helping air make the sharp turn.  It achieves this by increasing the surface area of the edge, providing more area that air can choose to make the turn at which helps it stay in contact with the backside/top of the foil.  A flat edge forces all the medium to make the turn next to eachother increasing crowding of the molecules and decreasing quantum.  In addition to leading and trailing edge bumps, high angle of attack blades should also have bumps more directly on the backside of the blade.  This is because at these high angles of attack the air leaving the blade will leave somewhere along the backside of the blade, not at the trailing edge entirely like a more modest angle of attack blade.  Bumps should be placed at this area on the back perpendicular to the surface where flow over the top of the wing meets flow under the bottom, and both flows come off the blade in the same spot.  Having bumps at this area keeps the air from cavitating as the bumps provide a less steep surface to exit from the blade in a laminar flow reducing cavitation which increases quantum.  These backside bumps as well as bumps (oscillations) on the leading and trailing edge are currently not a part of my Tentacool model but hopefully eventually will be.  If we can make these vertical oscillations and/or bumps to not loose the straight lines on the face of the blade then that is best because we do want crowding of molecules on the front face as they travel downwards since we want to decrease quantum there.  Bumps should be placed anywhere the air is making a steep turn while also having the option to exit the blade (ie: not on the front face of the blade).  These bumps or oscillation on the leading and trailing edges also have the ability to help prevent flow moving from the base to the tip of the blade as we talked about in the above picture.

The picture below shows the horizontal swerviness best, that the base of one blade starts curving forward whereas the base of the next blade starts curving backward.  This allows a variable gap for air to enter even though the blade spacing is close.  Another thing the below picture shows is the angle of the sweep of the blades (blue line is straight out, red line is angle of the blade (7 deg.)).  The base of the blades are all equally spaced, but some blades are swept forward and other blades are swept back.  This isn't done indiscriminately, the blades swept forward have a lower angle of attack and the ones swept back have a higher angle of attack.  Sweeping back wings allows the angle of attack to be higher while still not stalling.  Also you can see the wingtip cups forward for the low angle of attack wing, and is swept back on the high angle of attack wing.  The wingtip adds to the overall backward or forward sweep of the blade.  In this design the forward swept wings with the forward wingtip have a 50 degree (lowest) angle of attack, the neutral blades have a 60 degree angle of attack, and the swept backward wings with backward pointing wingtips have a 70 degree angle of attack (pitch).  You may be asking, why not just choose 60 degrees and neutral wingtip for all of them?  Again the reason is the medium "adapts" to the spinning fan (de-quantumizes) before it reaches the blades and will not get accelerated with as much efficiency by the blades.  The more you can vary intake locations, angle of attack, wingtip orientation, etc, the better "grip" you will be able to get on the medium because the medium has a harder time "adapting" to the location and direction of intake by increasing its relative speed and inertia which decreases its quantum nature.  You can think of it as the medium knows which direction it will get pulled in, so it already starts to go in that direction (gains inertia).  You want to keep the medium guessing, and if it is guessing then it is in quantum state.  Again we want intake air to be more quantum so we can reduce the quantum with the forward face of the blade creating a large quantum differential between intake and exhaust.

In conclusion we have discovered what wings and other things like them are actually doing, they are creating a quantum level differential by converting a quantum material into a non-quantum material by mechanically introducing pressure on the front/bottom face (ie: compressing it) and the backside of the blade is making the medium into an extra-quantum material by keeping it unaffected or even enhancing its quantum state.  We went over some methods to further enhance blade and wing design to more efficiently introduce this pressure on the front face, while not creating flow separation on the backside of the blade because this would pull the blade back which we don't want.  We learned that a 'wax-on' on the front of the blade decreasing the quantum ability of the medium, but a 'wax-off' of the medium that goes around the back we want to encourage quantum state so as to not create a backward force on the blade or ruin the quantum nature of the medium that would interact with the front of the next blade.  We learned a few new methods for de-quantumizing fluids including introducing variability, oscillation of the molecules, and capturing of the molecules and also possible electrical, chemical, thermodynamic ways to do it, and how to re-quantumize also with mechanical, electrical, chemical, and thermodynamic ways as well.  We know the more you de-quantumize on the front face, the more you have to re-quantumize on the backside or you are going to be fighting yourself, the de-quantumized media will slow you down if it makes it to the backside of the blade if it isn't re-quantumized when it leaves the backside of the blade.

Be Present.  Be Quantum.


Future Fan Design: The Creation of FlappyFan

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 So I have been posting about fan (and wing) design in my "randomization and movement" label for over 3 years now.  However until now I didn't think I could actually design my ideas myself.  But now that I have SolidWorks, and a Youtuber friend who has a fan test bench, I think it is time to actually make my ideas into a working design.

Here is the youtube fan tester Major Hardware

Here is my first post on a Flapping Fan Design

Here is my post on Thunderbird Wing Design

Here is my post on "Carnuba" Wing Design

Here is my post on Rotawing Winglet Design

Here is my post on Quantum Fan Design

Here is my post on How a Wing Creates Lift 

So here is my preliminary design.  Notice each blade will be different to get not only a flapping forward and back, but at the same time tilting of the blade (changing angle of attack primarily towards the tip), and also extra flapping forward and backward of the wing tip.  Also a raised pyramid pattern will likely be best on the leading face of the blade as from triboelectrics we know this gives the most energy, so the square pyramid structure increases drag higher than any other shape.  Dimples or things that reduce drag will actually hurt us at least on the leading face of the design, but may help on the trailing face to reduce drag there.  You always want to increase drag on the bottom (forward) face and lower drag on the trailing face to improve lift and therefore fan power.

Front view:

Profile view:

Side View:

Top View


Cataracts likely caused by Mycoplasma Bacteria fixed with Garlic and Eucalyptus

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 Appears to be mycoplasma, eucalyptus essential oil and garlic powder (not aged) capsules.  Broad spectrum antibiotics apparently do not kill it so these natural options may be best.  Can apply vicks vapor rub around the eyes (careful not to get in eyes) and the eycalyptus oil should help neutralize the bacteria causing the damage.  Also this is a good prevention.

My notes:

gram pos cocci

rods and cocci golfball cararactous lenses aerobic

are morphologically simi- lar to obligate intracellular pathogens of the order Chlamydiales, the
order Rick- ettsiales, and small bacterial bacilli (3). It … 1) in the insoluble pro- tein fraction of human
cataractous lenses and confirm the unpublished suggestion of its presence in such

possible diptheroid

while explaining the bac- tericdical action of the short, waves does not, however, explain the
fact that fluorescent bacteria are more resistant … by the salts of calcium and magnesium and by
sodium silicate, substances found to be greatly increased in human cataractous lenses, so

golfball cwdf figure 1 mycoplasma? sensitive to solvents (eucalyptus?)

mycoplasma causitive agent!  Resistant to broad spectrum antibiotics and unculturable.


Plasma Creation: How life is created de-novo on each planet

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We know there are laws of the universe.  These laws lead to certain designs working in nature and certain designs failing.  What if life and lifeforms could be built entirely from scratch relatively easily on every single planet, not just by random chance like evolution?  What if there is a method to create life from basic building blocks?

I will propose that the mechanism to achieve this is plasma.  And I will propose how this all works on every planet.  In my post about how the solar system moves we talk about the solar system being alive and imparting energy to the planets so the whole system can move throughout the cosmos.  I talk about how the planets are formed from waste material in the sun that is created via hot fusion, and it is ejected as a protoplanet.  Then the plasma incoming from the sun creates water, atmosphere, magnetic field, likely the crust of calcium, magnesium, aluminum etc (cold fusion then creating gold and metals higher than iron via hydrogen sulfide and hydrogen telluride dusty plasma).

Now we know the plasma comes in at the poles, and really primarily at the south pole, especially accounting for the aurora being stronger there generally.  We figure the governments or deep state of the world know this and this is why science at these areas is so important.  We also know there are sea's under the ice at the south pole.  We can assume the pressure here is high.  So what if some elementary building blocks in water at high pressures, with plasma creates life over time?  What if this is the recipie for life and it is created competely from scratch on each planet that achieves these conditions (which would be probably reasonably common for stars like ours)?

A Real Space Ship: How Solar Systems and Sun Stars Move through Space

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 In our last post we learn how spinning "anti-gravity" works as a machine that converts outward energy into upward energy.

In another post we tease that this principle could be used to generate energy

Now we will talk about a system that I believe uses this principle for space travel; solar systems.

How does a solar system move?  Is its movement just a vestige of the big bang?  Maybe not.  Do we only move from velocity preserved from the big bang?  Of course not, we create movement ourselves.  We take in material and convert that to energy and waste and use the energy to move.  What if the sun does the same thing?

Here is how it works.  The sun is a generator that converts aether into atoms via Magnetic Unity and (here) and releases energy in the process.  So the sun creates a hydrogen plasma by eating aether that is present in space.  This model accuratly predicts many things like grand solar minimums (GSM), the Solar system is just traveling through a spot in space with little aether to eat.  A GSM is the sun fasting.

Now what the sun does is it grows planets around it.  Think of planets like arms of a cacti or branches of a tree.  The planets are integral parts of the Sun.  The way it creates planets is through hot fusion and the elements like iron is created in the sun and are ejected as proto-planets  Plasma interacting with these planets eventually develops seas and grows the proto-planet into a full planet that spins and has a magnetic field among other things.  The orbit will keep expanding as the sun uses it to move, and the sun keeps birthing new planets over time to replace ones with too expanded orbits to cause much movement.  Mercury is a new planet and I would consider it a "protoplanet".

Now when the sun wants to move what it does is eject energy to the planets.  This energy, based on the planet's design, helps the planet spin with the plasma ejected from the sun converted into rotation via the planet's magnetic field.  Also energy originating from the sun will expand  the orbits of the planets.  This process of expanding the orbit of a spinning body will cause the solar system to move "up".  This is like what is seen on the first link in this page from the spinning anti-gravity experiment.  The act of enlarging the orbit of a spinning and orbiting body (that is connected to the main body, in this case by gravity), creates an upward force.  In this case the upward force would cause the Sun (and rest of the solar system) to move upward.  Obviously the orbits can't expand forever (actually perhaps they can), so they need to contract again.  This can be pretty easy as the orbit looses energy it should contract, this is called Orbital Decay.  What I believe is the 11 year solar cycle is the process of expanding planetary orbits (during solar max) and letting them decay during solar min.  The Solar system moves "up" during solar maximum and coasts during solar min.  It appears that the orbits of all planets keep expanding so my prediction is the orbits expand most during the solar maximums.

And that is pretty much it.

This principle could obviously be used to create functional artificially made space ships as well.


A (maybe not) Real Perpetual Motion Device. I'm serious. (I didn't invent this)

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*EDIT* I am now not so sure this would work, because the longer the column of water the more pressure it has at the bottom.  You have to overcome this pressure to insert the ball and overcoming this pressure might take more energy than what you get from the buoyancy at a given depth.  You can always add water to the top of the column after the ball is in the water, but that takes moving water which takes energy
We know we can get perpetual motion from a solar panel (as long as the device is functional).  This doesn't make us angry because we realize the energy is coming from somewhere, in this case solar energy.  Great. 
 I invented my own perpetual motion device years ago, it uses the wobble of the earth to power it.  This also will work however the wobble of the earth is so small it likely isn't all that profitable to take advantage of.
So what makes us think that we can't use the force of graity to create perpetual motion?  We absolutely can.
Gravity acts on a body downwards.  We can easily capture this to power generators, this is how hydroelectricty works.
But we can't use gravity to raise the water back up to make it fall again right?  Wrong.  Buoyancy allows us to bring the object back up to the top.
If we have one person on a tower dropping balls down an empty tube and a generator using that to generate electricity, there could be a person at the bottom with a tube of water that goes up.  He puts the ball in the tube of water and the force of gravity causes the ball to rise in the tube of water due to buoyancy.  This means we use gravity to generate electricity as the ball falls, then use buoyancy (also gravity) to raise the ball back up to the top to complete another cycle.
The only downside is that the tube of water needs to be sealed at the bottom so the water doesn't spill out.  Basically a hatch will need to be opened to get the ball into the tube of water.
That's it!  Free electricity using gravity.
For future development, spinning and orbiting bodies may also be able to capture energy from the force due to gravity, perhaps even a model that looks similar to a solar system...


The "Anti-gravity" Wheel by Veritasium explained correctly

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 Here are the video's:

anti gravity wheel

Explanation (incomplete):


So what is really going on here?

Notice that if you lift something (non spinning) on a scale, the scale weight goes up while you are lifting it. Why?  Because something "gets heavier" when you are accelerating it.  This is because it takes a force to counter gravity and an additional force to accelerate something.  Now when you have the body spinning (in the right direction!) you can use some of that rotational energy (by thrusting it the right way as said in the explanation video) to make it so you do not need to exert that extra upwards force to accelerate it.  You sap some of the rotation (the spinning wheel slows down a bit) and use that energy to accelerate the body upwards without using an upward force to achieve it (you do use some horizontal force in the thrusting outwards).  Basically another way to look at it is the spinning wheel is a machine that converts horizontal force into vertical force.  

Now if you try to move the wheel in the opposite way it gets heavier!  Why is this?  Because your "horizontal thrusting force" instead of sapping energy from the wheel to negate force needed to accelerate it, you are adding energy to the rotation of the wheel instead of lifting it!  So it feels even heavier (and the scale would actually go up as you lift) since the force you are creating is getting sucked into the wheels rotation instead of taking energy out of the wheels rotation, during lifting.

In conclusion the spinning wheel is just a quite complex system which is why the reasoning for why it makes things "feel" the way they do is obfuscated behind multiple layers of complexity.  The conclusion is that lifting a weight the proper way that is spinning actually requires less external force than lifting it not spinning.  This is because you are using up some of the rotational energy of the weight to accelerate it upwards.


The optimum diet

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This is an email response I had with a customer so might help others too.


So yes I do have a lot of knowledge on this.  I am actually a Nutritionist by training and have learned much more than what they teach on my own from research and experience.
The secret I have found to loosing weight is eating lots of fiber, especially soluble fiber.  Basically your body is always trying to get rid of excess bile but your body reabsorbs it every time.  Soluble fiber helps get it out of the system.  So whenever I eat lots of oatmeal for example I loose weight.  Another great one is artichoke leaf powder since it contains both soluble fiber and also it causes the body to release extra bile.  Hard to find though.

In terms of the reactions you are seeing, most of it is mediated by gut microbes.  Starches promote growth of certain bacteria, meats other types.  These types are highly responsible for sleep patterns.  You can also modify it with herbal supplements.   For keto I tend to recommend bitters since they  keep the gallbladder clear which tends to get infected in that diet.  Also oregano and garlic seem to suppress the bacteria that infect the gallbladder (klebsellia)

Gluten does seem to be addictive but most of the other problems it causes are from gut microbes, often it seems ones that are suppressed with garlic.  So garlic might help you with some symptoms.

Anyway I hope that gets you started and let me know if you have any more specific questions.


Says they found artichoke extract not powder.


Cool ya the extract should be good but not sure if it has fiber, but you could combine it with a fiber for sure.  Bile is where the cholesterol lies so getting rid of it is the best way to lower it.  Also a friend of mines parent had very high cholesterol and eating lots of raw garlic brought it down 100 points.  Since that is the case, that means bacteria play a big role likely bile digesting bacteria.

The reason I never became a dietician is because I am actually not good at creating plans.  Whether that is dietary plans or treatment plans or the like.  I am the possibility person who finds out new and interesting facts or possibilities that can be tried.

In terms of the optimum diet, it really seems to be a mix of vegetables and grains with some fruits and some meats.  Basically vegetables on the bottom of the pyramid, grains and nuts and seeds a little less than veggies, fruits a little less than grains, and meats a little less or equal to fruits.  To tune it, fruits and meats are good to add when you need energy.

Oh and I wanted to say there is another hidden nutrient.  DNA/RNA.  Fresh foods have lots of good dna and rna which is why eating them makes you feel healthy, not just the vitamins and minerals and macronutrients.  The body actually cuts, absorbs, and recombines dna to use in repairing your cells.  This is a big reason why meats help people feel better if they haven't been eating them in a while, it is because meat is high in DNA.  DNA is stable to heat but RNA isn't so this might be why trying to eat foods only barely cooked can be the best.


Erin Valenti "We are in the Matrix" likely died of Serotonin syndrome

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 There are many possibilities with the Erin Valenti case.  However the root cause was undoubtedly serotonin syndrome which can be deadly.  The reasons for this is the way she was talking which includes "epiphanies" which is seen in the manic phase of bipolar which is caused from elevated serotonin. Her epiphany was "it's all a game, a thought experiment.  We are in the Matrix." This behavior/thoughts are also seen in hypoglycemia which is linked to serotonin syndrome.  "Grand plans" are another symptom of these two conditions in addition to "epiphanies" and she had this symptom in that she said she was going to start a whole new venture when she got home (she already had a business).  Also this is supported by the fact that serotonin syndrome (and hypoglycemia) can be deadly, explaining the sudden death.

The thing that needs explaining is how could this happen to a young woman like this without any drugs found in her system?  For one, she could have taken an MAOI or eaten a MAOI containing food.  These likely wouldn't show up on drug tests but cannot cause serotonin syndrome on their own.

There is likely a perfect storm of things happening at once to give her serotonin syndrome.  Most likely are eating an MAOI food (fish or aged or fermented meats and cheese) in combination with bipolar disorder, lack of sleep, and a gut infection.  Often I have noticed that gut health deteriorates faster than anything else while traveling and is a huge issue.  Bipolar disorder is self explanatory and causes increases of serotonin during the manic phase.  This manic phase coupled with rich aged foods she might have eaten with friends in silicon valley, combined with lack of sleep, combined with gut infection while traveling (likely of bacillus cerus bacteria which cause serotonin binding cereulide, this should have caused loose stool if it was the case), perhaps combined with dehydration and you have something that may have killed her.  Also low blood sugar could have played a part.  Hypoglycemia is linked with serotonin syndrome and from my personal experience, hypoglycemia can be a major cause of mania (serotonin syndrome).

So that is very likely what happened.  Perhaps poor blood sugar control, coupled with bipolar disorder, coupled with lack of sleep, coupled with gut infection with bacillus, coupled with eating aged foods, could have been enough to send her over the edge.

How to Create a Breakaway Society: A Guide

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 Firstly those of us who have been mutilated by modern medicine and dentistry will likely need to bring a couple tools with us such as dental extraction tools.  Those unmutilated will not.

To develop a functional human society you need to realize something important.  Humans are not natural.  Humans are artificial hybrids of great apes (primarily bonobos) and boskops (underground dwellers).  Since we are not natural our biology is flawed and needs to be compensated for.  Here are several of these flaws. 
  • Teeth don't match jaw size.  Wisdom teeth
  • Weak stature, tools needed
  • Male foreskin issues, circumcision or other method to compensate for this, but only if issues arise; should not be done indiscriminately!  Tools of iron or flint needed for surgery.
  • Weak immunity, high reliance on herbs and other natural medicine and clean food and water.  Fire or other form of heat needed to kill bacteria or filter it.
  • No fur coat, need clothes, warmth, and shelter
  • Hair and nails keep growing to unnatural lengths.  Cutting and/or filing tools needed.
In addition to that we need to realize the best society is built on the principle of Givism.

The reason we have 80 year lifespans is for one reason only.  Adequate dental hygiene.  We can get to 120 year lifespans for a single reason only.  Adequate oral and gut hygiene.  Therefore oral hygiene needs to be a priority.  Three things are needed.  Brushes or other method to remove plaque on teeth.  Floss or other method to remove plaque between teeth. Teeth powder or other method to remove bacteria during brushing and or flossing.  Oil pulling is a simple method but I don't think it is necessarily fully adequate.

Gut hygiene is easier than oral.  It merely needs acid washed or activated charcoal and herbs.  Silica can also be very helpful such as diatomaceous earth or high silica plant ash like horsetail or bamboo ash.  Potassium is also very helpful and easy to obtain from wood ash.  Chemicals like acids and bases are not necessary for basic medicine but are for advanced medicinal extractions and making and extracting useful compounds.  They can be made quite easily.

We can get 1000 year lifespans for only one reason.  Oral hygiene, gut hygiene, and environment hygiene.  Environment hygiene is extremely difficult to the extent that I'm not sure it is practical in a new society.  Environment hygiene would return an environment back to pre-flood attributes.  Air pressure would need to be high perhaps a few atmospheres, needs research.  Oxygen content of the air would need to be high, around 33-40%.  We would need protection both from earths radiation, the suns radiation, and space radiation.  The pre-flood atmosphere did all these things and we would need to somehow return, at least the environment we spend the most time in, to these values.

First we should talk about the basics of a new society, food, water, shelter.  After those is clothing, fire, and medicine.  For food you don't need meat to be healthy if you don't want.  As long as you have seaweed and other seeds and plant foods you can get every nutrient you need.  Here is an Example (HUMET). In terms of water, it can be made from scratch or it can be easily purified with activated charcoal and calcium or magnesium oxide, both can be easily made from fire and rocks.  Shelter can be made with wood or even clay, lime based cement is also fine and is biodegradable and permeable and natural.  Clothing can be made from plant fibers like cotton or hemp or many others, as well as animal based like wool.  Fire we know can be made from rubbing sticks together, preferably with a bow made with string made from plant or animal fibers.  Also flint and steel work.  Medicine is Herbs and can be used fresh, dried, refluxed for the essential oil with glass and fire, and can also more advanced can be made using herbs or minerals with acids and bases for extractions or synthesis.

The most important physical technology to achieve some of these goals is glass working and furnaces.  With glass (especially quartz glass) you can do pretty much anything.  Beyond glass, wood and cellulose can make pretty much anything with much more toughness than glass.  Presses are needed to transform wood and cellulose into strong forms.   Presses and furnaces likely require iron.  Unalloyed iron, or iron alloyed with only carbon, is quite biodegradable and is not a bad thing to use.  Unalloyed iron can be made extremely strong (called cold iron) however likely presses and perhaps other things like liquid air (which can be made as well) are required to make this.  Unalloyed iron also is the best thing for shielding magnetic fields.

Plasma is another thing that is extremely useful but not necessary for a new society.  To make the best use of plasma, iron and likely bismuth is needed.  Electricity, forging or casting or vapor deposition, wires made from copper or silver or gold (or superconductors that can biodegrade) is also needed. Plasma technology can do so many things among which invisibility, anti-gravity, and so much more.  Electricity needs noble metals which do not degrade well but perhaps can be made in forms that do degrade well as superconductors maintained at low temperatures.  Liquid nitrogen or liquid air can be made and used for that.

Ground transport and flying can be done with genetic work to bring back animals we can use in these capacities or also machines.  If machines, aluminum and magnesium are useful.  These metals also biodegrade quite well.

Batteries and fuel cells are needed for machines and can be done using many forms of batteries based on magnesium or other metals or even noble metal batteries which are the most reusable of the battery types.  Internal combustion is inefficient and fuel cells or battery fuel cell hybrids are preferred ways to use fuels.  Flux capacitors are an advanced power station.

Biopolymers are biodegradable and can be used to help in place of plastics for storage and all sorts of uses.

Space travel has never been achieved by humans and would likely use this technology for a warp drive.


Central sleep apnea

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weak hands
strep eye
we know over ventalatory drive causes reduced brething and stopping, so perhaps that is what eucalyptus cures, perhaps anaerobic like haemo?

Understanding the original egalitarian vision for the Internet

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It is interesting that the person who invented the internet is an avid model train user and the person who invented cryptocurrency is also an avid model train person.

I have been doing some research into what was the original vision of the internet.  Of course Tim Berners-Lee comes up and his recent trying to decentralize the internet by making personal depositories where you can allow or prevent access to platforms of your personal information.  This leads me to think that perhaps Berners-Lee actually isn't the mantle holder for the internet currently as he doesn't seem to carry the true vision it had at conception.

Reading the White Paper of the Internet we can see that Berners-Lee did understand what he was proposing.  Basically he sees the need for a constantly updated, modular, open, linked repository for information.  Basically where each person has ownership of their own URL's and that you would link to other peoples URL's in your own documents.  Also that you would be able to contact people who wrote pages on the internet. And also that you would be able to find what pages link to one in question.

Search Engines

Web Crawlers