Tooth pain decoded: Have a cracked tooth? Natural remedy

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 Tooth pain seems to originate from one of 2 types of bacteria.  First is anaerobic, and second is Lipophilic.
I think anaerobic pain is from gas produced inside the tooth and the pressure it causes.  This type of pain can be overwhelmingly severe!  This pain is helped with coldness.  To fix, use peppermint essential oil.  Cinnamon essential oil should also work.  These neutralize the bacteria responsible.
The lipophilic pain seems to get worse upon eating or using oil based products.  Also sugar seems to make it much worse.  The gum might be sore next to the affected tooth.  To cure use lemongrass essential oil, also orange essential oil, frankensence also helps and to a lesser degree patchouli.  This bacteria, serratia, also seems implicated in causing cancer.
To apply these oils what I do is take a cotton swab and drop out essential oils on it till it is ready to drip.  Then take this and put it on the cracked tooth.  Next rum the swab on the sore gum near the tooth.

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