Feeling or sense of Impending Doom may be from Gram Negative gut infection possibly fusobacteria

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People who had the plague were known to have this symptom, so the sleeping sickness might cause the feeling.  Also perhaps animals can trigger this sense in others.  The sleeping sickness was likely hantavirus and is caused by infection of Gram Negative gut microbes, often the ones causing appendicitis.  Garlic should be tried to cure it.  Fusobacteria seems to cause appendicitis so that may be the culprit.  Fuso has high sensitivity to garlic.  Anthrax bacteria also is a possible cause of sweating sickness and that is bacillis anthracis which also is killed with garlic.  Basically any possible reason for impending doom feeling will be fixed by garlic.
Fusobacterium also may cause ulcerative colitis.
Fusobacterium cause night sweats.
I know garlic cures night sweats, I took it and it did it.  I thought since this was the case that it was mycoplasma that caused night sweats but could have been fuso.  Turns out night sweats can also be caused by tuberculosis (mycoplasma) so perhaps both myco and fuso are very similar cause similar symptoms and also both are killed with garlic.
Nutmeg is an anti-cholinergic and can also cause sense of impending doom see above link.

If you do have the sweating sickness and you found this page, take garlic and activated charcoal (at different times since the charcoal will prevent garlic from working).  Charcoal stops fever and nearly all virus replication since it takes place in the gut.

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