Cellulose nanocrystals as emulsion enhancers for essential oils and hydroxyapatite

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So while looking for ways to prevent my essential oils from evaporating so fast in TEEF powder, I stumbled upon cellulose here from Lassaad Hadhili.  He said that Cellulose is a fixer of essential oils.  This makes sense that cellulose can absorb essential oils and hold on to them to some degree.  Also other scientific papers like this one show that cellulose nanofibers can work to hold onto essential oils.
This is quite interesting since I have been studying and making cellulose nanocrystals for Give Coin and it just so happens I can also use them in TEEF powder.
My HAPPEN (Hydroxyapatite peroxide emulsified nanoparticles) idea can integrate cellulose nanocrystals (or just regenerated cellulose nano or micro spheres) to help it emulsify and also hold onto the essential oils to be delivered while brushing.
 Also the cellulose nanocrystal solution (since it is made as a gel in water) once neutralized could be added to nano hydroxyapatite powder when hydrogen peroxide is added in order to help start emulsification of the nano hydroxyapatite at this step and may help the cellulose to dry during that process.
I also plan to add a tiny bit (like 0.5g per batch) of some form of phospholipids, some include concentrated lechithin, phosphatidylserine (may be made from cow brain, careful), or hydrogenated lecithin.
Phosphoric acid derived cellulose nanocrystals may help support remineralization

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