Beirut Lebanon Blast was a Tactical Nuke or MOAB

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I didn't know what to believe other than Israel was responsible since they had been threatening Lebanon recently.  Here is a tweet referencing a "red line" by Israel https://twitter.com/NoahPollak/status/1290686124982071297

NOTE: the following theory is based on the following pic and video.  Another video has been released which would mean instead of a tactical nuke this may be a MOAB missile.  See end of this article.

However, then I saw this picture and video, the black object: Courtesy Josef1601 https://twitter.com/Josef1601/status/1290807413692653568

In the above link you can see the black object fly towards the building at immense speed.

It appears this is a mini tactical nuke the W54

It can be launched from a ground based setup like this

Based on this launch setup and the not so aerodynamic nature of the bomb, the odd angle of the bomb in the sky makes sense.  Also the "top of the T" of the black object is probably the fins of the bomb which, moving fast, seem to elongate due to the speed and the camera speed, creating a "tailing effect" making it look longer than it actually is.

Also the blast would make perfect sense if it were a tactical nuke.

It was likely a Potassium Nitrate storehouse, under cover as a fireworks warehouse, that was targeted by Israeli Spies within the country that launched this ground based nuke.

Since Lebanon didn't want to suggest it was an attack, my guess is that Lebanon themselves launched the micro nuke to cover up the true use of the site.  I think the fire was likely sabotage caused by Israel much like the recent sabotaging in Iran.

Israeli weapons expert said blast was "much bigger" than 2.5 tons of TNT and looked like a nuclear explosion.  If this was a Davey Crocket W54 M-28 it would yield around 10-20 tons of TNT lining up with this observation

Another expert claims it was a nuke and russia will come in to investigate the blast (Russia probably supplied them with the bombs): https://twitter.com/drbairdonline/status/1291073296318906369


In a different video, Someone captures what seems to be a missile coming down from the sky, in this case it would have been a MOAB

"The MOAB is the most powerful conventional bomb ever used in combat as measured by the weight of its explosive material.[28][29] The explosive yield is comparable to that of the smallest tactical nuclear weapons, such as the Cold War-era American M-388 projectile fired by the portable Davy Crockett recoilless gun. The M-388, a W54 nuclear warhead variant, weighed less than 60 pounds. At the projectile's lowest yield setting of 10 tons, roughly equivalent to a single MOAB, its explosive force was only 1/144,000th (0.0007%) that of the Air Force's 1.44-megaton W49 warhead, a nuclear weapon commonly found on American ICBMs from the early 1960s"

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