Staybl 0.8

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Per liter, take up to 4 liters a day.  Can be carbonated

FOS 1.6g (may need to reduce for mouthfeel, ribose reduces thickness)
Potassium phosphate dibasic 1.6g (718mg potassium .4489)
Glycine 1.5g
Potassium Gluconate 1.5g (250mg potassium .1669)
Glucoronolactone 0.5g (was 1.3 lowered for bad flavor)
Mannose 1g (good flavor can't raise amount)
Magnesium Citrate 1g  (112mg magnesium .1123)
Calcium HMB 0.8g (200mg calcium .2533)
Ribose 1.5g (was .6 raised for flavor and reduced thickness)
Inositol 0.4g (was .3 raised for flavor)
Sodium Citrate 0.2g (46mg of sodium .23)
Taurine 0.05g (flavor mild)

magnesium 112mg 448mg
calcium 200mg 800mg
sodium 46mg 184mg
potassium 968mg 3872mg

Only 186 mg of sodium needed a day

700 mg enough calcium per day

4700 mg of potassium however this is with high sodium intake

magnesium over 400mg is good

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